women in of mice and men

females in of mice and guys

!.?.!? Females in of Mice and guys Candy: ‘Well I believe Curleys married … a tart’ George: ‘She’s gon na make a mess. They’s gon na be a bad mess about her. She’s a prison bait all set on the trigger. That Curley got his work cut out for him. Ranch with a bunch of guys on it ain’t no location for a woman, specifically like her.’ Lennie: ‘I think shes purty’ Whit: Clara gets 3 bucks a crack and thirty-five cents a shot, and she don’t break no jokes. But Suzy’s location is clean and she got good chairs.

George: “You offer me a great whore home whenever,” he said. “A man can go in an’ get drunk and get ever’thing outa his system at one time, an’ no messes. And he understands just how much it’s gon na set him back. These here prison baits is simply set on the trigger of the hoosegow.” Throughout the book women only have 4 various functions: a spouse (Curley’s better half), motherly character (Auntie Clara), an ambitious actress (Curley’s partner) and a woman of the street (Suzy).

Women are represented in the novel as not being valued due to the fact that they are not physically strong and throughout the time of the Anxiety, those who might work were viewed with greater regard. Georges states that the cattle ranch ‘aint no place for a woman’ showing that in fact women weren’t even supposed to be on the cattle ranch. Curley’s partner is the only main female character in the unique, highlighting her status as a castaway. She is never ever named since she is not defined by her name, however by her battle as a being a woman.

She symbolises being trapped in a marriage with just a couple of options, like the majority of woman throughout the 1930’s. Described as a ‘tart’, the ranch men do not view her as a real human being and view her as inferior to them. She is tired with her life on the ranch so is constantly searching for enjoyment or difficulty. Throughout the book she is considered as a ‘mischief-maker’ however, Steinbeck does offer a supportive view of Curley’s wife by permitting her to voice her unhappiness and her own American Dream for a much better life away from the cattle ranch.

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