William Golding’s Lord Of The Flies Analysis

In William Golding’s Lord Of The Flies, the characters display different flaws in mankind throughout their stay on the island. They Showcase that human beings bring non-evident defectual characteristics that are concealed/secluded till let loose when put under certain scenarios that those qualities naturally pertain to result. Human nature and society both are overwhelmed with iniquity, cruelty, barbarity and evilness and this book simply reveals the kids are not excluded from this story, as society has exposed kids to such things at such a quick speed that it is enabling them to lose their innocence and vulnerability quicker. In Lord Of The Flies William Golding’s purpose/message is that power can be corrupted and misused if put in the hands of the incorrect people. In the unique, the leader depicts the breakdown of civilization. How the leader abuses his function, bully’s and torments the others in order to spread fear and maintain total supremacy over the others, and is no longer able to restrain his inner savagery.

First, when the boys stranded on the island first satisfy up, the position of leader was discussed and voted on (Ralph being leader), Ralph demonstrated excellent qualities as leader (company, development and strong communication) suggesting that “We have lots of assemblies, everybody enjoys speaking and being together. We decide things” showcasing excellent interaction with the others when making choices. Jack was later voted in leader and unlike Ralph abused this position to get power over the young boys. Jack aspired to make rules that he himself does not follow as he feels he remains in an exceptional and in greater authority to not be obliged to follow them, guidelines such as keeping the signal fire going at perpetuity (a rule Ralph developed ), a rule Jack broke by hunting rather. His morality did not play any part with his choice making, causing him to make harsh, evil and facetious choices based upon self interest. Jack someone who is authoritative and unqualified to execute his position appropriately and lacks the skills/abilities way, represents the problems and human shortages of having correct analytic skills human beings carry. These characteristics affect society significantly as they are characteristics amongst many human beings that are carried within however not necessarily a detachable characteristic, In Lord Of The Flies Jack despite the fact that brings these attributes clearly not appropriate for the position overthrows Ralph somebody who is qualified for the role. That likewise tends to occur in society asswell, people not fit for certain roles/positions still achieve the role of an authorities in which they do not satisfy requirements to perform successfully.

Another behavioural problem that does not get resolved by the end of the novel is bullying Jack does and enables/influences the other to do asswel. Jack reveals little to no respect or affection to the other kids particularly Piggy who he shows excellent cruelness and disrespect, constantly informing Piggy to “Stop Talking” (Chapter 2, Page 46) and disrespecting the conch, the authority for speaking the young boys held, something jack likewise disregarding when not to self benefit, stating “The conch does not count on the top of the mountain” (Chapter 2, Page 42) to Piggy in order to silence Piggy causeing Piggy to “wilt” (Chapter 2, Page 42) from the despondency he now have due to Jacks exasperation toward Piggy. Jack likewise torturing SamnEric, embarrassing Piggy in front of the others, leading a harsh massacre of a pig, beating Wilfred for an unknown factor etc. moreover demonstrating Jacks desire to torture, manipulate and spread out fear all to maintain total domination/power over the others, and the others staying on board with his harsh schemes represents societies intractableness when it concerns power, how and why it is dispersed to individuals that have it and the aimless path that lays within human nature, the thrashing in which you select to follow carelessly and obey somebody who is representing the wrong cause.

Additionally on Jack’s numerous progressive attributes in the beginning of the unique (in which his savagery and evilness is not as prominent), Jack appeared to bring morality and probity in the beginning of their stay on the island, not even having the proficiency to eliminate a pig when offered the possibility to, he was unable to act in what seemed to be a harmful deed in the start (upon very first arrival from a civilized society). However, as the book progressed doing function as such was simply delighted in, going on to fulfil using the excuse that it was a necessity for survival. He no longer maintained his innocence and virtuous judgment, Golding expressed after Jack’s failure to eliminate the pig that “Next time there would be no grace” (Chapter 1, Page 31) foreshadowing not only Jacks unmerciful slaughtering of pigs, but likewise the mercilessness in the future likewise has towards the others asswell. He not just committed vicious and savage acts that impacted individuals (and animals), his savagery also affected the actions of the others. Jack carrying out the role of leader indicates he is what the others appreciate as a role model, However Jack’s lack of judgment with his choice making influenced occasions like Piggy’s death, Roger being heavily influenced regarding Jack’s actions and treatment towards the others, he made the base decision to press the boulder striking Piggy. Jack was no longer able to limit the savagery that laid with him, showcasing how human beings can progress and change considerably when no longer under societies expectations/behavioural policies.

In conclusion, these defects that lay within humankind are what structure society. In Lord Of The Flies these flaws are blatantly shown through the characters (specifically Jack) on the island where a civilized society has its failure. Weather condition through the exploitation and mistreatment of management, the maltreatment and worry spread among the others by Jack and the savagery that is no longer limited, these defects formed the outcome of events that happened in the unique, events that were influenced by these flaws. Power must dispersed to the people who will use it sufficiently and for great and not put in the incorrect hands as it will be made use of and made use of for the incorrect cause as delineated in the book.

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