Why Fahrenheit 451 should not be banned from school?

Why Fahrenheit 451 must not be prohibited from school?Dear School Board, I hope that after cautious factor to consider and thought that the board will decide not to prohibit Fahrenheit 451. I comprehend that the book includes language that may be offensive to some individuals. Still, I do not believe a trainee must be sent to a public school if they are quickly upset by profanity. Fahrenheit 451 ought to not be banned, because profanity is currently prevalent in school, it has educational material, and the book shows some scary discoveries of the future. I believe that banning the book, since of profanity would be really ironic. There is an excessive amount of blasphemy used in public school. So moms and dads must not send their kids to public schools if they have an issue with blasphemy. Also the paradox of wanting to ban a book that shows a world of censorship. Colored people don’t like the Little Black Sambo, so get rid of it. But if this were to occur with every book that a person group of people doesn’t like millions of the books would require to be prohibited. Everybody is attempting not to step on the toes of the pet enthusiasts, the cat fans, physicians, legal representatives, merchants, chiefs, Mormons, Baptists, Unitarians, second-generation Chinese, Swedes, Italians, Germans, Texans, Brooklynites, Irishmen, individuals from Oregon or Mexico. So I believe that the School Board should not prohibit a book just, since one group of individuals or someone is angered. So obscenity may anger a single person, but blasphemy is just a part of school that can not be removed. Fahrenheit 451 is a classic that can be extremely valuable to ones education. The book shows what can happen when people no longer have a thirst for knowledge. The people that have Harvard degrees need to hide in the wilderness like outlaws hiding from the law. They have walking camps the whole time the railway where they share the understanding that they still keep. All of the intellectuals have to conceal, since they are desired and hunted

in the cities. There is something to be stated of this when education has no worth and it is better to understand absolutely nothing and ask no questions. Trainees dislike their instructors now, however what if they could not find out at all, they would thirst for the knowledge. The book reveals what can occur when there is a lack of education. Fahrenheit 451 reveals some extremely frightening and reasonable revelations for what might occur to the future of this nation and world. Ray Bradbury talks of nuclear wars, parlor tvs, and the censorship of books. Bradbury talks of the nation having 2 nuclear wars. Then all of the people in

the city have complete wall tvs that enclose them during their off time. The people in the city simply relax and watch TELEVISION, they fidget and look nervously, when the TELEVISION is off. This shows what is already occurring with kids as they get home and view TELEVISION and play computer game all day. Society is likewise banning books, because it angers one group of people. Schools are banning books, due to the fact that they upset moms and dads. A few of these books that are being prohibited have a strong literature worth. When newspapers vanished nobody missed them. Only one trainee signed up for drama class, demonstrating how when individuals don’t need to go or

require to get an education they dont. It is really easy for individuals to get drawn up in electronic devices and they end up being automatons with little emotions. If the school board wishes to ban Fahrenheit 451 they would be making an illogical decision based upon one parents concern. The book has a good educational worth and shows some excellent and bad revelations towards the future of society. To prohibit the book would be the exact like burning the book.

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