Who Is the Blame for Romeo and Juliet’s Death? Essay

Who Is the Blame for Romeo and Juliet’s Death? Essay

In William Shakespeare’s drama Romeo and Juliet. most of the occasions that occurred. led up to the decease of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. Lots of. if non all. of the characters played a supreme function in the terrible decease of the ‘star crossed enthusiasts’. but Friar Lawrence was surely the greatest customer. At first peek. one might look over Friar Lawrence and disregard him as merely a minor character in this story. However. upon closer analysis. it ends up being obvious that Friar Lawrence played an important function in the development of the drama and is seen to be the one for taking a trip the action along. He played the function in about every element in the disaster. from the matrimony to the program to deliver Romeo from ostracism and to avert Juliet from marriage to Paris. Friar Lawrence made several mistakes in which contributed majorly to the decease of the ‘star-crossed lovers’. He non simply made one. but three mistakes that cause decease of Romeo and Juliet.

He wed the lovers without the consent of either moms and dads. he had the program to utilize the sleeping potion so that Juliet might run off with Romeo and he failed to notify Romeo straight about that Juliet’s decease was a cozenage. For that reason Friar Lawrence bad actions. he is accountable for the decease of Romeo and Juliet. Friar Lawrence engagement in the marriage of Romeo and Juliet caused a catastrophe. He agreed to perform a secret weddings for Romeo and Juliet though he believed that the lovers were simply obsessed with each other and weren’t really in love. A bond between them was developed by Friar Lawrence through their marriage as mentioned. ‘For. by your foliages. you shall non stay entirely Till holy church integrate 2 in one’ (2. 6. 2 ). By marry the enthusiasts. he took a step in the incorrect method. he merely was believing of how the impacts would be great.

By get marrieding Romeo and Juliet. he believed that it could communicate the Capulet and the Montague homes back together so they could do up and bury about the yesteryear; as quoted stating. ‘In one regard I’ll thy helper be For this confederation might so happy show. To turn your households’ animosity to pure love’ (2. 3. 4 ). When he states this. he is stating that he will assist Romeo by impairing the two. because through the marriage. their households may larn to love each other; for this reason stoping the fight. Friar Lawrence simply married the 2 lovers due to the fact that he thought it would hold a favorable impact on the families’ feud. However. he must of idea about the impacts and how given that the caput of the households were incognizant. the marriage might merely hold unfavorable results. Therefore Friar Lawrence’s actions are what might hold caused Romeo’s and Juliet’s decease.

Friar Lawrence made a significant mistake by providing Juliet an inactive potion. He trusted Juliet. an unstable miss out on. This roseola determination was a really hapless badger the friar’s behalf; here the Friar reveals his irresponsibleness by specifying. ‘Thou hast the strength of will to murder thyself … take 1000 this vial … no heat. no breath will attest thou livest;’ (4. 1. 72. 93. 98) His idea for Juliet was truly harmful and him being an grownup. he ought to hold known much better than to seek that. Because of what he prepared to go on. everybody believes that Juliet was dead and quickly thenceforth; she would hold been buried alive. Capulet is even deceived by Friar Lawrence’s program. when he specifies. “Death lies on her like an ill-timed frost’ (4. 5. 28 )

Juliet’s male moms and dad and the rest of the home believed that she was dead. If Friar Lawrence had non provided Juliet the potion. she ne’er would hold been put in the place that she remained in. Thus Friar John’s actions. this was among the most of import occasions which caused her decease. Friar Lawrence had actually planned the bogus decease of Juliet. however it was faulty. He did non exhaustively analyze it. He stopped working to inform Romeo that her decease was truly bogus and for him non to sorrow off the idea. “I could non direct it Nor acquire a courier to convey thee. so afraid were they of infection'” (5. 2. 14-16) Friar Lawrence left Friar John with the missive to give to Romeo. but he forgot to specify him that the missive was pushing; this was Friar Lawrence’s following big error. The error of him directing person else to make it was inexcusable; a state of affairs every bit of import as creating decease ought to be dealt with personally.

If Friar Lawrence had personally given Romeo the missive. the program might hold gone swimmingly. Friar John reveals his incompetency when he specifies.’ I could non direct it– here it is once more–‘ (5. 2. 14 ). This quotation mark definitely demonstrates how Friar Lawrence made an unlucky determination in offering person else the task to provide Romeo the missive. His actions show that he was responsible for Juliet’s decease by taking individual else to provide it. non him personally. At that. he needs to of non hold trusted person every bit average as Friar John. “The missive was non nice but loaded with charge. of cherished import. and the pretermiting it might make much danger.” (5. 2. 18-20. )

Friar Lawrence relied on another individual at the most essential of times and the monetary worth was spent for the actions of both Friars. Therefore. Juliet dies due to the fact that Friar Lawrence did non see believing that something might occur. This state of affairs could hold simple been avoided if Friar Lawrence gave the missive personally to Romeo. Therefore. the Friar was responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s deceases. He mainly contributed to the deceases of Romeo and Juliet by marry them despite non obtaining their parents authorization. providing Juliet the potion and by non informing Romeo about his program. Friar Lawrence’s confession. contributed to the terrible decease of the immature enthusiasts. stopped the antique home feud in between the Capulet’s and the Montague’s.

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