Weakness in Of Mice and Men

Weakness in Of Mice and Men

Steinbeck’s novel, “Of Mice and Guy,” describes the lives of traveling employees throughout the Great Depression. The story explains a world where just those who are psychologically strong, and not always physically strong, can prosper. An absence of emotional toughness has actually led to the relationships in the book, couple of as they are, failing. Characters are also unable to be successful economically, without either the intelligence or independence to meet their monetary goals. Both of these failings have a result on the characters mentally, which avoids them from prospering in achieving an optimal favorable mindset.

Throughout “Of Mice and Guy,” emotional deficiencies hinder the success of relationships. Sweet has actually had a relationship with his pet dog for a very long time, yet does not have the bravery to prevent its death. Carlson says of the dog” [It] Got no teeth, damn near blind, can’t consume. Sweet feeds him milk. He can’t chew absolutely nothing else.” The physical weakness described here is presented as the cause of the pet dog’s death, yet it is eventually Sweet’s failure to work to maintain his single positive relationship that kills it.

Another example of psychological weakness in OMM also comes from Candy, when he specifies that “When they can me here I want someone ‘d shoot me”. This reveals the psychological weakness of a male in that he is too terrified to attempt and continue his life without work. The psychological weak point of the characters in the novella prevents them from being successful. Steinbeck’s novel is set against a backdrop of the Great Depression, which highlights how the monetary circumstance of the characters avoids them from succeeding. All of the goals pointed out in the book require money to be accomplished.

Curley’s spouse mentions chances that she can no longer take, as is shown with “I tell ya I could of chose shows”. As a lady, she is entirely economically depending on her other half, which prevents her from achieving any of her goals, and what she views as success in life. Even when characters do work over time to improve their monetary circumstance, such as George, bad choices in this location can ruin their goals. In the novel, George is concentrated on generating adequate money to buy their own residential or commercial property, yet chooses to bet this cash away at the regional brothel, avoiding him and Lennie from prospering in realizing their dream.

Financial difficulty has a great effect on not only the characters’ lives, however their mind. The characters are all driven by the requirement to have a safe financial position, causing them sacrificing other elements of their lives. This narrow mindedness, common in a time of unpredictability and deprivation, hinders the characters tries to prosper, despite any physical or mental strengths. The style of mental weak point is prevalent in Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. 1930’s America was a place of unreliability, loss and distrust.

The devastating effects of the Great Anxiety are demonstrated by the character’s attitude towards their situation and towards each other. The absence of convenience and support on the cattle ranch leads to the characters having actually a harmed mental state. Steinbeck utilizes characters such as Scoundrels to represent the mental results of the Depression and distrust on the larger population. A lack of security and commitment in society leads to the character’s inability to be secure in themselves. Scoundrels is an obvious example of this, “This is simply a nigger talkin’, an’ a busted-back nigger.

So it do not imply absolutely nothing, see?” Scoundrels is not able to regard and trust himself, which prevents him from having a positive and rewarding life. Therefore, the psychological weak point caused by the characters environment prevents them from prospering. Steinbeck’s novella is embeded in a society in which failure, mistrust and damaged relationships prevail. The psychologically strong are presented as the only ones with the ability to prosper. Those that are physically strong are not always able to live a successful life due to monetary, psychological or psychological inhibitors.

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