Trifles Gender Conflict Essay

In the play Trifles, there seems to be one conflict that remains consistent through the entire play. The dispute of gender roles between male and female. The play itself has to do with the investigation and murder of Mr. Wright. Who has actually been discovered dead in his bed that seems a murder from a rope around his neck. The play occurs where the body was discovered, inside the Wrights household. Investigating is County Lawyer George Henderson, and Constable Henry Peters.

Included in the play also is Lewis Hale a surrounding farmer, and the better halves of Mr. Peters and Mr. Hale.

The background of the play was written by Susan Glaspell in 1916 as a lady conscious feminist issues. An apparent reason of why gender conflict is so apparent through the entire play. From the really start of the play you can see the separation in between make and woman. “The females have can be found in slowly, and stand close together near the door,” (1366) Susan Glaspell has an excellent composing style in her phase direction of providing the play a suspenseful feel.

From the very first line of the play you can see the separation between male and female, “This feels great. Come near the fire, ladies.” Says the County Lawyer, “I’m not-cold,” responds Mrs. Peters. “( 1367) Intriguing and thoughtful the conflict continues directly after, “not much of a house cleaner, would you state girls?” states Hale, “Theirs is a good deal of work to be done on a farm,” Mrs. Hale replies and goes on to state “Guys’s hands aren’t always as clean as they may be.” (1369 )Continually throughout the play the women when requested opinions safeguard their sex.

They stand their ground several times, as if Susan Glaspell is attempting to get men of her time to see life through a lady’s eyes and the bias distinctions. The guys finish their examination up downstairs and continue upstairs to leave the women to gather and examine some things at the request of Mrs. Wright. The minute the guys leave Mrs. Hale states, “I ‘d hate to have men entering into my kitchen area sleuthing around and criticizing.” This line creates stress and bitterness of how the women feel towards the males. The ladies continue to speak about Mrs.

Wright and the modifications they have found out about her over the years. “I heard she utilize to wear quite clothing and be vibrant, when she was Minnie Foster, among the town women singing in the choir. However that-oh, that was thirty years ago.” (1370 )This begins to provoke ideas of what could have altered such a nice lady into a murder suspect. The remainder of the scene is composed of Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters attempting to decide if they believe Mrs. Wright was truly capable of doing such a horrific act.

Mrs. Peters states” Mr. Peters says it looks bad for her. Mr. Henderson is awful ironical in a speech and he’ll make fun of her sayin’ she didn’t get up.” (1370) They continue on in the examination and find a quilt. Mrs. Hale says” I wonder if she was just going to quilt it or knot it!” followed by a sarcastic response by the Constable “They question if she was going to quilt it or simply knot it! “( 1371) It could now not be more apparent that the males do not take anything severe that the women are stating. As if they are naive and understand absolutely nothing a man might understand.

The guys then proceed out to the barn to look for more evidence as if there might be something out there. The females stay in and continue to look around. They find a bird cage that has been burst and seem mistreated. “I s’present perhaps the cat got it,” states Mrs. Hale, “No, she didn’t have a feline” responded Mrs. Peters. (1372) This comes essential in the gender dispute later in the play as the males show up back later on. The ladies continue on to collect things for Mrs. Wright while she remains in prison. They then make the startling discovery of the dead bird. Somebody-wrung-its-neck. “Says Mrs. Peters. (1373) This both scares the girls and then they start to hear the males return and conceal what they have actually just discovered.

“Well, ladies have you chose whether she was going to quilt it or knot it?” The County Lawyer states. “We think she was going to-knot it,” Replied Mrs. Peters. (1373) An ironical question from the males not knowing this connected directly into the murder. The County Lawyer asks about the bird and the Mrs. Hale responded “We think the cat got it. (1373) A much different reply then previously in the play when they knew she had no feline. The males then leave to check back upstairs and give the girls a minute to actually comprehend the discovery they have just made. After the silence, they discuss Mr. Wright how he would of disliked the bird and disliked kids. He hated singing and described him as being the reason Mrs. Wright need to of stopped. They lived out in the middle of no where with very few contacts with anybody, and made a point to see the bird was all Mrs. Wright had.

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