This is a persuasive speech relating to the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, talks about making Benjamin the donkey the leader of Animal Farm

This is a convincing speech connecting to the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, discusses making Benjamin the donkey the leader of Animal Farm

Animal Farm- persuasive speech Good morning/ afternoon Mrs xxx and fellow schoolmates. Today I will be persuading to you that I strongly believe the role of a prospective leader would be most suitable for Benjamin the donkey. In my speech today I will be persuading that Benjamin is the best prospect for a new leader. I will be going over many excellent reasons to choose Benjamin and will also be telling you about what Benjamin will be likely to accomplish when he is voted as a leader. To begin my speech, I wish to mention the many good points about Benjamin.

Although Benjamin was plainly the best animal of the farm, he never considered himself to be better than any other animal. This reveals that he has the excellent quality of humbleness, which if he was a leader, might utilize most beneficially into hearing the opinion of the others on the farm. On the other hand, the old leader, Napoleon constantly believed most highly of himself, and never ever avoided boasting about his success. He never listened to the opinions of the other animals on the farm. Benjamin is likewise among the most hard-working animals on the farm.

During the film, he also appeared to work overtime and into the night when other animals were resting. Unlike the pigs, if Benjamin were to be a future leader, he would not slouch but would continue to work strenuously perhaps much more than before. Future life on the farm would be guaranteed to be more pleasurable if a smart leader alike Benjamin were elected. He would ensure a much better life for all of the animals by taking care of all his responsibilities and not to be lazy and self-centered as shown by the evil mob of pigs. There are a lot of more positive information of Benjamin’s personality.

Benjamin shows the attributes of: being modest, hard-working, wise, responsible, kind and caring and most importantly of all, he will only do things that would be for the benefit of his fellow farm animals. Think of if Benjamin was voted to be the next leader of Animal Farm. What would he satisfy in his position? The certain response is that he would make life much more much easier and more enjoyable. He will use his power in a most efficient way, making sure not to abuse his authority alike Napoleon. Benjamin would be able to easily control the animals and assist them in the right instructions by guiding them with his excellent impacts.

This would be completely unlike the aggressive totalitarian, Napoleon, who had to command and require the animals to live laborious life. Benjamin would likewise be fair and simply in designating affordable and equivalent workloads in order that the farm would run efficiently. The animals would be much happier with their easier lifestyles under the rule of Benjamin. They all would want to comply with one another in an enhanced farm neighborhood. In conclusion, I want to reinform you of the reality that Benjamin has the very best management capacity due to the wide selection of great aspects revealed through his kind and caring character.

If the animals choose Benjamin, they are ensuring that they will not suffer once again under the corrupt reign of a wicked leader, Napoleon. As a leader, Benjamin would use his knowledge and responsibility to significantly benefit and enhance the way of life of all animals. This simple donkey would teach his fellow comrades to live gladly and harmoniously on Animal Farm in the days to come. VOTE # 1 For Benjamin the donkey That concludes my convincing speech, thank-you.

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