Themes In Fahrenheit 451: Focusing On the Theme of False Love

Themes In Fahrenheit 451: Concentrating On the Style of False Love

Themes In Fahrenheit 451: Individual Essay The dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury portrays a society which has actually prohibited books. The people in this world have actually ended up being emotionally removed, consumed with innovation, and devoid of independent idea. Fahrenheit 451 represents numerous styles, such as suppression of totally free thought, desensitization, and censorship. For our class job, we needed to select a theme from Fahrenheit 451 and use satire to show this style in our own society.

Our group selected the style of incorrect love. We selected this style since of how prevalent it is in our contemporary culture. We used satire by extremely exaggerating common kinds of false love, such as using others for money, popularity, and totally free things. We also used an option to incorrect love, which clearly is to discover the individual you wish to be with for the best reasons. In our society, individuals are so happy to act as if they like somebody for their own personal gain. I feel this is an important defect to evaluate.

When somebody pretends to love another, it leaves that person heartbroken, especially if they have severe sensations for them. The chances of them being willing to offer love another possibility is not most likely. Not to point out, even if they do experience someone who really likes them, they would immediately assume this person is much like all the rest– in a relationship for all the incorrect factors. If this continues, we will be left in a world where everybody is disconnected from others, just like the people in Fahrenheit 451.

Everyone will put their guards up in order to secure their vulnerable hearts. Nobody will feel comfortable trusting other individuals, afraid they are just utilizing them for personal gain. We will all position ourselves in what can only be considered as “safe” scenarios in fear of false love. We won’t have special connections with people, much less pals. People do not realize how much of an issue this is. What’s a world without real love?

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