The Russian Revolution and Animal Farm

The Russian Transformation and Animal Farm

Katherine horts World History The Russian Transformation and Animal Farm In George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm”, we can see that he makes the characters personify the leaders in the Russian Revolution. He makes a comparison among animal’s characters throughout the rebellion versus the Russian Transformation and Stalin. Orwell shows how people can be deceived by tyrants to believing anything. The animals in the story who act as the primary characters might seem like routine animals but upon historical referral these are in fact representatives for Communist leaders, such as Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, and others.

The story Animal Farm begins with a pig named Old Major gathering all the animals together. He tells the animals that they must collaborate. After he passes away, 2 pigs Napoleon and Snowball presumed command. Days later, the animals revolt and toss Mr. Jones away from the farm. Then the animals relabel it “Animal Farm”. Animal Farm was expected to make life much better for all the animals. Later Mr. Jones attempts retaking the farm; but the animals beat him at what they call the “Battle of the Cowshed.” After, Napoleon and Snowball start fighting with one another for leadership.

One day, Napoleon’s canines chase after Snowball from the farm. Snowball is never seen once again. Napoleon declares himself the leader; later on, he reviles his corrupt nature. He alters his position on the windmill building, declares pigs the supreme animal, and the animals where starving for food. Quickly Napoleon starts executing any animal that “conspires with Snowball.” As time passes, Napoleon acts increasingly more like a human, leaving from the initial Animal Farm rules. Animal Farm draws connections in between the characters in the book to the leaders in the Russian Transformation.

Old Major represents Karl Marx, because Old Major taught “Animalism” while Marx developed the Communism. Animalism is equivalent to Communism; both stated everyone equal, no owners, no abundant, and no poor. Other main character is Snowball; he is compared to Leon Trotsky. Both were really smart, truly wanted to improve life for all, and were chased away. Snowball was repelled by Napoleon’s pets while Trotsky was repelled by the KGB. Napoleon represented Joseph Stalin. Both were corrupt, power hungry. Napoleon used pet dogs and Squealer to rule the animals while Stalin used the KGB and propaganda to control individuals.

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