The Portrait of Dorian Gray – Literature intensive Essay

In the book “The picture of Dorian grey, Dorian is influenced by Lord Henry and ends up being destroyed. Then Dorian influences various people and makes them ruined as well. Whether the responsibility lies to those who affect others or those who is affected is hard to determine. Nevertheless, the one who is affected has more obligation for their corruptness.

It is one’s own task to decide their behavior. Even though, people are surrounded by pals who give negative results, they need to decide whether to follow them or to go to the right course.

For instance, Dorian grey knew Lord Henry was offering him bad impact. However, he followed and listened to Lord Henry as he wanted a life filled with pleasure and joy. Dorian had the capability to identify what is ideal and incorrect so he could not have been affected by Lord Henry like Basil if he had the will to go to properly. It is Lord Henry who provided bad influence however it was Dorian Gray who chose to stay and listen in the red impacts as seen in the expression “For several years, Dorian Gray might not release himself from the impact of this book (given by Lord Henry).

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he never ever looked for to complimentary himself from it.” For that reason, Dorian gray is accountable for ruining his own life by choosing to follow bad examples.

For those who destroyed other’s lives, their impact is just a character to them. In “The picture of Dorian Gray”, being negative and having an immoral view of life is just a character and method of speech to Lord Henry. Lord Henry had no fault however revealing his personality to Dorian Gray. As Dorian stated, “Each of us has heaven and hell in him” everyone has a bad and silver lining and it is not criminal offense to show the bad part to others. It was the affected people who picked to follow that character. For That Reason, Lord Henry and Dorian Gray aren’t accountable for destroying other’s life.

One ought to have the discernment to judge right or incorrect when they accept ideas or get impacts from others. It is really age-old for particularly teenagers to get affected and ruin their lives. For that reason, individuals should develop a upright belief form a young age nad attempt to follow what is right than what one wishes to do.

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