The play Oedipus

The play Oedipus

The play Oedipus has comparable occasions that are comparable in my own life. Some styles from Oedipus that are relevant to my life include denying the fact and having excessive pride or hubris. The style rejection of truth is generally where an individual understands what is actually genuine, however they don’t wish to inform the truth because they believe it might make their life worse by filling it with various problems.

Denial of truth can have various cases where the individual knows that they have in fact done the act, or it could be like Oedipus’ scenario where he has actually committed the criminal offense of killing his daddy, however then rejected the truth due to the fact that he didn’t know that the guy he eliminated on the road was his daddy. This is likewise referred to as significant irony in Oedipus’ case where the audience understands more than the character himself.

In the story Oedipus blames the problems on someone else and says that Teiresias can’t see the fact, just he can. You child of unlimited night! You can not hurt me or any other guy who sees the sun.” This quote is paradoxical since while Teiresias is blind Oedipus feels that he remains in the cave and can’t see the reality, however Oedipus feels that he knows the reality due to the fact that to himself it feels like he dedicated no crime. In reality he’s living in the cave and he is filled with lack of knowledge because he doesn’t know the real fact.

Oedipus is filled with great hubris due to the fact that he’s so sure of himself that he did nothing incorrect, but in truth he killed his dad and didn’t even know it. These examples resemble reality experiences because individuals reside in lack of knowledge and feel that they know numerous things and responses to the truth. In my own life I’ve seen where classmates think they understand everything and are filled with hubris and pride and deny the real reality and just believe themselves and nobody else.

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