The Picture of Dorian Gray short summary

The Picture of Dorian Gray short summary

On a Sunny summer season day, the talented painter Basil Hallward takes in his Studio an old good friend of Lord Henry Watton-the epicurean esthete, “Prince of Paradox”, by meaning of among the characters. The latter easily recognize the familiar features of Oscar Wilde, the author of the novel “offers” and the primary number of his famous aphorisms. Taken by an originality, he deals with interest on a portrait extremely stunning young men with whom I simply fulfilled. Tom is twenty years of ages, his name is Dorian Gray.

Quickly appears and sitter, with interest vslushivalsya in a paradoxical judgments weary hedonist; vibrant charm of Dorian, for Basil, is not indifferent to Lord Henry. However the picture is finished, present appreciate his perfection. Golden-haired, adoring everything stunning and caring himself Dorian dreams aloud: “If the picture altered, and I might constantly stay as it is!”Touched by the Basil gives the portrait to the boy.

Overlooking the slow resistance of Basil, Dorian accepted the invite of Lord Henry, and with the active involvement of the latter, dipped in a nonreligious life; attends dinner parties, spending her nights at the Opera. On the other hand, causing a visit to his uncle, Lord farmer, Lord Henry learns about the dramatic circumstances of the origin of Dorian: raised a rich guardian, he painfully sustained the sudden death of his mother, in spite of household customs fall in love and included their lot with unknown infantry officer (at the instigation of an influential father-in-law that quickly eliminated in a duel).

Dorian himself meanwhile falls for the amateur actress Sybil Wayne–” a woman of seventeen years, with a gentle, like a flower, a confront with a head of buckwheat, covered in dark braids. Eyes– blue lake of enthusiasm, lips– rose petals”. It is with striking motivation uses the bad miserable little stage in the East ind the very best function of Shakespeare’s collection. In turn her, with their half-starved existence with her mom and bro, sixteen-year-old James, about to sail as a sailor on a merchant ship to Australia, Dorian seems to be embodied by a wonder– “Prince charming”, came down from the dizzying heights. Her fan does not understand that in her life there is also a secret carefully protected from prying eyes: both Sybil and James are illegitimate children, the fruits of the love Union, which in its time connected their mother– “tortured, withered female”, serving in the exact same theater, with a male of an alien estate.

Who found in her a living embodiment of beauty and skill, the naive idealist, he triumphantly reveals to Basil and Lord Henry about their engagement. The future of their ward is disconcerting in both; however, both voluntarily accept an invitation to the play, where the chosen Dorian must play the role of Juliet. Nevertheless, taken in high wish for the coming of her real happiness with her precious, Sybil this night reluctantly, as if under duress (after all, “playing in love is blasphemy!”she says) says: very first time seeing unvarnished squalor of landscapes, the false phase partners and the poverty of the repertory.

Needs to a prominent failure, triggering a doubtful sneer Lord Henry, restrained sympathy, good-natured Basil and a total collapse castles in the air him, in desperation, tossing her: “You have killed my love”.

Despaired in their starry-eyed impressions, replaced by the belief in the indissolubility of art and truth, Dorian invests a sleepless night, roaming through deserted London. Sybil, his ruthless acknowledgment is unable to do; the next early morning, preparing to send her a letter with words of reconciliation, he finds out that the girl in the exact same evening dedicated suicide. Pals, clients and after that respond to the tragic news everyone: Basil recommends Dorian to be strong in the spirit, and the Lord Henry– “do not pour waste your tears over sibyl vane”. In an effort to comfort the young man, he invites him to the Opera, assuring to introduce his charming sister lady Gwendolen. To the perplexity of Basil, Dorian accepts invitation. And only just recently provided to him by the artist portrait becomes an unforgiving mirror developing in it spiritual metamorphosis: on the perfect face of the young Greek God is a difficult wrinkle. Seriously concerned, he removes the portrait out of sight.

And again it assists to drown out interrupting the prick of conscience, his practical friend-Mephistopheles– Lord Henry. On the guidance of the latter he head goes into the reading of unusual books new French author’s psychological study of a guy who decided to experience the all extremes of being. For a long time bewitched by her (“it appeared, the heavy smell of Smoking cigarettes rose from her pages and stupefied the brain” ), Dorian in the next twenty years– in the story of the novel, they fit into one Chapter– “significantly falls in love with its appeal and all with great interest enjoying the decay of his soul.” As if protected in its best shell, he seeks solace in the lavish rituals of foreign religions, music, collecting Antiques and gemstones, narcotic potions on offer in the brothels with ill popularity. Attracted by hedonistic temptations, repeatedly falling in love, however unable to love, he does not avoid skeptical connections and suspicious acquaintances. He receives magnificence ruthless seducer of young minds.

Remembering broken at his impulse the fate of the short lived of the elect and chosen, Dorian attempts to talk some sense into Basil Hall-. OSA, long disrupted him with all sorts of interaction, but prior to delegating Paris collected to check out. But fruitless: in reaction to fair the pangs that laughing is a painter to see the authentic lik its previous idol, caught on hallwards same portrait gathering dust in a dark corner. Stunned Basil uses a frightening face voluptuous man. Nevertheless, the phenomenon is not afford and Dorian: believing the Developer of the picture are accountable for their ethical behavior, he in a fit of unmanageable rage plunges into the neck of another of their young days the dagger. And after that, calling upon the aid of among its previous associates on the fests and feasts, the chemist Alan Campbell, blackmailing that a sort of shameful trick, understood just to both of them, requiring him to dissolve in nitric acid Basil’s body is proof of the offense it villainy.

Afflicted by a belated regret, he is when again looking for oblivion in drugs. And nearly eliminated, when suspected den at the “bottom” of London, it discovers some intoxicated sailor: it’s James vane, too late providable about the fatal fate sisters and swore in that whatever was vengeance on her abuser.

However, the fate of the time keeps him from physical death. However not the all-seeing eye hollaendische picture. “This portrait resembles a conscience. Yes, conscience. And it is essential to damage it”,– concludes he endured all the temptations of the world, a lot more desolate and lonely than previously, fruitless and envious of the pureness of innocent village girls, and devotion to your accomplice undoubtedly Alan Campbell, who found the strength to devote suicide, and even … the spiritual aristocracy of his good friend, the tempter is Lord Henry, alien, appears, any ethical challenges, but it is unfathomable to think that “all crime is vulgar”.

Late at night, alone in a glamorous London estate, Dorian lashes out with a knife on the portrait, attempting to shreds and ruin it. Rising to the cry of the servants is discovered in a room dead body of an old man in a frock coat. And the picture is classic in its shining splendor.

So the novel ends-the parable about the individual for whom “in other minutes Evil was only one of methods of execution of what he considered charm of life”.

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