The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Photo of Dorian Gray

Intro Among the serious problems today is that youths have disliked reading. The primary goals of my job is to motivate students to check out fine fiction, motivate them to get information not only from the web but from paper books as well. “A book is a present you can open again and again.” said Garrison Keillor About topic and novel’s approach. My preferred book is “The photo of Dorian Gray”wrote by Oscar Wilde. The conference whis this book has altered my point of view on such elements of life like youth, friendship, love, charm, eternal life and death.

I discovered a new truth which was entirely various from my individual world. “I don’t want to be at the grace of my feelings. I want to utilize them, to enjoy them, and to control them. ” — Oscar Wilde (The Photo of Dorian Gray) The Photo of Dorian Gray was Oscar Wilde’s only novel, however what an unique it is! Dorian’s story plays upon the classic theme of selling one’s soul in exchange for earthly pleasures, and the inevitable catastrophe those results. Dorian Gray and its protagonist have ended up being synonymous with the pursuit of pleasure, despite its ethical effects.

Altogether, The Picture of Dorian Gray reveals Wilde’s philosophy more than any of his other works; reading it is an essential secret to understanding his creative mission as a whole. I think that eternal youth is something practically everybody dreams of, but no one attains– no one, that is, other than for Dorian Gray. Sure, it sounds great. Novel tells the story about boy who comes at the big city from the town. He acquires a big fortune from his uncle, and becomes an abundant male. He can purchase all the important things he desires other than of young. Nevertheless, Dorian’s eternal youth comes at a dreadful rate: he basically needs to offer his soul to get it.

Dorian gets immortality and charm but lost his joy, good friends, likewise he lost his love. It is really appealing story, if you begin to read it you can not break away from reading. I think that it is a book for people who consider life’s issues, addictions and disputes. Oscar Wilde reveals us the unfavorable side of individuals’s characters, at the same time Dorian represents a couple of bad worths. We shouldn’t follow his destiny, but we have to comprehend that he chooses a bad way. The moral and personal opinion The ethical of the story is, you should take pleasure in and appreciate youth while you have it– however just give it up when the time comes.

Dorian Gray is many revers at once that we can’t really try to comprehend them all. He’s excellent, he’s bad; he’s beautiful, he’s hideous; he’s ideal, he’s terribly flawed. Most significantly, he’s literally 2 things simultaneously– he’s himself, a living, breathing person, and he’s likewise the picture, a noticeable reflection of the state of his soul. I delight in reading this book and I think that it is the very best variation if you wish to invest with satisfaction your downtime or if you want to enrich your inner world with new ideas about person.

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