Science Is Neither Good nor Wicked: The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Photo of Dorian Gray

Science is neither good nor wicked, however in how your use it is what is evil or great. The authors of Br. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Photo Of Dorian Gray, Frankenstein show how mankind is wicked. The works show how abusing the law of nature and society result in the damage of mankind. Science is a toll and its works are based upon the tool’s master. The chouses of humanity is identified by the person shows the individual. Dr. Jekyll was an excellent researcher; he wanted to separate evil and excellent. He did so however produced a monster. Separate myself in 2 then my wicked side could enjoy itself without guilt and my good side could be without the temptations.” Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll interfered with the natural balance witch abused the laws of science. Human beings have a requirement to find as long as it doesn’t interrupt nature. We push for thing for are own need. Br. Frankenstein tried to find fame and would do anything for it. He did this by developing life type death. He could not keep care of his creations, so it ended up being a beast. Victor that’s not only insane it’s unethical. It’s unnatural. You’re damaging God’s work” Frankenstein. Victor only wished to be understood by making an unethical devastating creature. Individuals will do anything for their own selfish requirements. Beauty lies with one another. Dorian Gray thought differently. He was just concerned of his external appeal, so he offered his soul to make a painting grow older not him. “Then he wanted rather that the picture might grow old while he stayed forever young. The Photo of Dorian Gray. At the end Dorian did appreciate his inner charm or the natural setting of life. He final could not stand his corrupt soul and damaged the picture with eliminated him. Abusing innovation will lead to death of you and your loved ones. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, and The photo of Dorian Gray demonstrated how man’s mind can distort science and destroy life’s. Science will constantly be here however to have progress in it, we must respect it.

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