The Picture of Dorian Gray: The Characters in the Book Are Depicted by the Author

The Image of Dorian Gray

One can presume that the basics of a book are how well the characters in the book are depicted by the author. Both books demonstrate a comparable character analysis with the inner and external qualities of the lead characters switched. Therefore the inner qualities of Dorian are really comparable to the outer characteristics of the Vampire. The outer attributes of Dorian are seen in the inner quality of the Vampire. This appears when Dorian says “You have actually created a beast within me- I am no longer the guy I was. Wilde, 58) Dorian recognizes here that the feeling and personality that he as soon as use to have has now been “robbed” by the portrait produced by his good friend Basil Hallward. He is no longer able to express the once fair and sane sensation he had.

To keep his perpetual youth and good looks Dorian Gray quit his equally amazing character. Likewise in the Interview with the Vampire, the vampire’s inner emotions and a distinction in character all comes out “I respected my sibling however when he died and I was the one being accused- well lets just say it wasn’t the turning point in my grief. Rice 54) As priced quote the inner most feelings of the vampire are revealed and he wants the people of the “outdoors world” to understand that even though he had not devoted the criminal activity of eliminating his brother the pressure from his significant others and society were what was triggering his sorrow.

Throughout the unique The Picture of Dorian Gary, Dorian’s outdoors look has actually been very same all throughout the novel never showing any type of difference in the way he talks, walks and looks. “Dorian, my dear boy, I have not seen you in ages. It still appears like the first day you walked in to get your picture. Wilde, 154) One can differentiate from the long-term scars of aging and the vitality of youth one has, but in this section it was Dorian’s 38th birthday and he still appeared to appear like the very first day he was introduced to Basil.

Dorian had actually not changed even to the slightest bit from his appearance; society was growing suspicious about his character as everyone around him was changing in one way or the other. On the contrary the Vampire had, had significant modification with his look as life became a lot various for him. “I was developing into the Rue Domaine, moving past the dark windows. Rice, 168) This exclaims that the when typical human being the Vampire was, was now considerably altering with the way he had actually lived his life, his entire life.

Due to this the Vampires character changed him from a regular individual to a blood thirsty Vampire. Therefore the characters for both these novel are exceptionally comparable with only there inner feelings and outer qualities switched. Furthermore the plots of these two novels are comparable, the significant operate in both books are comparable, with the way both authors show various mood through their respective novels.

Firstly in The Image of Dorian Gray, Dorian say’s “For some reason or other, the house was crowded that night, and the fat Jew manager who fulfilled them at the door was beaming from ear to ear with an oily, tremulous smile.” (Wilde, 83) One can assess that in these three lines the author Oscar Wilde highlight happiness, confusion and hate within a small sector of the entire book. The joy and hate are seen when the Jew supervisor concerns the door to greet Dorian and Lord Henry and the confusion is seen when there are more than the expected quantity of people at the party.

This is evident throughout the book since characters and setting appear to alter and add to the dramatic action that take place in the novel. These similar dramatic outputs can be seen in the Interview with the Vampire when a guy screams out. “Great, God!” whispered the kid? “Are you scared of me Louis” he yelled “Are you afraid”? (Rice, 149) This is an example of the mood swing within the characters and the text as the writing makes the books a lot more significant. This in a great deal of ways catches the audience’s attention and allows them to engage more into the novels measurements.

As a result, the remarkable operate in the plot has significantly impacted the circulation and momentum of how the book should be seen. In addition to the circulation of the novel the capability to appropriately structure and portray events in the book have great impact on the likeability of the book; this is why the stylistic techniques utilized by the two respective authors are various but one can state Oscar Wilde records the idea of scary more efficiently than Anne Rice. Oscar Wilde utilizes more details paragraph structure to develop the mood, characters, settings etc.

. Therefore more paragraphs are used to describe the unknown. This is how he thinks the message must be communicated, when a particular character’s thoughts are exposed through their language Wilde proceeds and structures their ideas much more with helpful language, which provides the reader more insight towards the circumstances that had taken place, that is taking place, or remains in the process of happening. On the contrary Anne Rice use’s more language between the characters to communicate the message.

One can also think that because there is a lot more discussion in between the characters the audience member or the reader is left to figure out the discussion. We can conclude that stylistic techniques used by the authors are a lot various to one another, but still effective in their own ways. Furthermore both authors composed these books about a century apart from one another, so as history goes on the social events change in addition to it. As one can identify that social events had to effect the authors composing their books.

A very questionable concern even today is homosexuality this was even higher of a concern back in the 1800’s when Oscar Wilde was around. Homosexual was not permitted or not as lenient as today however Wilde was known to have males as sexual partners. Thu he was oppressed since of the reality that he undoubtedly was a gay male. The reality that Dorian Gray was an appealing and tempting guy with negligent behaviours has a part of Oscar Wilde in him. Oscar Wilde was a careless man in the reality that he was really open to the reality that he was gay; and because period society was not extremely respectful to this news.

Wikipedia, http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Oscar _ Wilde ). Anne Rice was maturing in a time period were everybody was dropping acid and smoking lawn, but she was still typing away. After having her first child Michele pass away of leukemia Anne Rice chose to begin a Vampire Chronicle series and the young girl called Claudia would be motivated by her late child. (Wikipedia, http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Anne _ Rice) Also her time period was a good time for scary authors to come up, scary novels were attracting a lot more eyes and lots of scary authors were coming up.

Subsequently both writers dealt with some sort of adversity during the stages which led up to the excellent books they made. Lots of things result how well a horror novel comes to be, these things consist of the characters, the plot, the authors stylistic methods and the events surrounding the authors life. All these change the method a reader thinks about the book and in turn the authors get a great deal of feed back connecting to these possessions. One can conclude that life without scary or worry in a life no more because the only thing which drives us to sanity and safe house is horror itself.

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