The Odyssey – the Role of the Gods

The Odyssey– the Function of the Gods

The Role of the Gods The function of the Gods is really substantial in the Odyssey. The ancient Greeks thought that the Gods were the source of all concepts, and everything that took place, good or bad, took place due to the fact that of the Gods. Nevertheless after the Trojan War, Odysseus declared to the Gods that he did not need them, and he created the concept of the wood horse on his own. This is the sin of hubris and arrogance, among the sins that angers Gods one of the most. It is because of this that Poseidon swears to show Odysseus that he is absolutely nothing more than a mortal man, and men need the power of the Gods to survive.

Nevertheless according to Zeus, Poseidon can not eliminate Odysseus, he can only impede his journey. It is due to the fact that of the Gods that Odysseus’ journey house was, in truth, an odyssey. The main Gods that play a part in Odysseus’ journey home are Zeus, Poseidon, Athena and Hermes, however there are also some small Gods and Goddesses including Circe and Aeolus. Each of these plays their own important part in the journey of Odysseus. The role of Athena is to be a guardian to Odysseus, and to assist Telemachus.

There are lots of ways in which Athena helps Odysseus: She is the one that encourages Zeus to free Odysseus from the island of Calypso, she likewise calms the stormy winds sent out by Poseidon. Also, Athena appears to the child of King Alcinous in a dream, encouraging her to wash her clothes so that she will discover Odysseus cleaned up on the coast. Finally, when Odysseus arrives home to Ithaca, she disguises him as an old beggar, so he can wander his kingdom undetected, and spy on the suitors of his spouse. Athena also plays an essential role in the life of Telemachus.

When Telemachus wants to find more information on his father, Athena appears to him as a family friend Coach, encouraging him to seek the knowledge of Nestor and Menelaus. She also sends beneficial winds to assist him on his way. The role of Poseidon is equally as important. It is his job to set obstacles and jobs to avoid Odysseus from returning home to Ithaca. When Odysseus blinds the Cyclops Polyphemus, Poseidon’s son, he swears vengeance on him. Poseidon damages his raft, and among his monsters, Scylla, consumes six of Odysseus’ crew members.

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The rest of his team are swallowed by Charybdis, Poseidon’s whirlpool. Lastly, the roles of Circe and Calypso are to lure Odysseus to forget his kingdom, and more notably, his spouse Penelope. Calypso holds Odysseus prisoner on her island for seven years against his will. She motivates him to remain on her island forever and to forget his kingdom of Ithaca. However she eventually lets him go on the orders of Zeus. The reason that the Gods put Odysseus through so much in the very first place was due to the fact that he was conceited after the triumph in Troy.

The function of the Gods (particularly Poseidon) was to show Odysseus that all men require the Gods to make it through. There was a point in his journey where Odysseus was minimized to nothing. He had no team, no ship and he was in the power of the Gods. This is where he understood that males are at the disposal of the Gods, and he is no better than anybody else. As a result of his experience with the Gods, and his journey house, Odysseus finds out to appreciate the Gods, he discovers the true value of his household and he learns to constantly be humble, and never ended up being too big-headed.

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