The Odyssey: Longing for Home

The Odyssey: Longing for House

Yearning for Home In the Odyssey, Ithaka is shown as a location of risk and struggle, yet Odysseus yearns to reach his homeland. On his journey home, Odysseus is presented with homes in which he knows he will be safe and with an abundance of comfort. One major example of a comfortable house was the island of Kalypso, in which he was assured all the riches and immortal life. Before he embarks on his journey house, Odysseus revealed to Kalypso his yearning for house and how incredibly he wished for his partner. In the passage, the representation of his longing for his wife is prominent.

Odysseus desires to be at his house, Ithaka, not only for his power and pride, but for the love his has for his better half. Odysseus’ love for his household, especially his better half, brings him the guts and strength to make it home. The passage is right after Penelope accepts Odysseus for the very first time since his homecoming: “Now from his breast into his eyes the ache of longing mounted, and he wept at last, his dear partner, clear and loyal, in his arms, longed for as the sunwarmed earth is longed for by a swimmer invested in rough water where his ship went down under Poseidon’s blows, windstorm winds and lots of sea. (The Odyssey XXIII 269-274) In the very first 2 lines, “pains of yearning” (269-70) illustrates how much he yearned to have his better half in his arms once again. “Pains” in this passage is revealed as the pain Odysseus felt without Penelope in his life for so long. The very same line, we see that he “wept” (270 ), which conveys the “ache” even further and reveals just how much he wanted to be united with the love of his life once again. Homer engages us with the simile, “wished for as the sunwarmed earth is longed for by a swimmer invested in rough water,” (272-73) which draws the reader to understand his longing a lot more.

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The simile not just shows how much he wished for Penelope however in addition uses a check out Odysseus’ journey. When Poseidon damaged Odysseus, the only hope that he is entrusted is finding land. The very yearning Odysseus felt out at sea for land is being compared to his yearning for Penelope. Penelope was one of the prominent factors of Odysseus’ longing for house. As he converses with Kalypso for his yearning for home, he discusses Penelope and why she deserves going home for. Odysseus previously on stated, “My quiet Penelope– how well I know– would appear a shade prior to your majesty, death and aging being unknown to you, while she needs to pass away. (V 223-7) Despite The Fact That he had the option of gorgeous Kalypso, he chose that there was nothing more that he desired than Penelope. Ithaka is a location that Odysseus desires despite the environment it produces because the love of his love for wife, Penelope. Odysseus refuses the goddess Kalypso to go back to Penelope in the beginning of the poem. Then when he initially welcomes her after she lastly thinks that it truly is him, he “wept” (270) and felt the “pains of longing.” (269-70) Without Penelope at home awaiting Odysseus, his longing for house would not have actually been as terrific.

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