The Odyssey Heroic Traits

The Odyssey Brave Traits

The Odyssey Essay Heroism. What is it? How can it be represented? Exist bad or good sides to heroism? In “The Odyssey” by Holmer the character Odysseus depicts heroism in numerous ways. He depicts them in negative and favorable methods which lead his journey to return home to get postponed. Odysseus, why is he portrayed as a hero? Why is he brave? The reader would think Odysseus is a hero since in the epic no matter the catastrophe he deals with from the gods, specifically Poseidon, he conquers the barriers. The gods were in favor of Penelope and Odysseus and their son Talamichus nevertheless Penelope wasn’t permitted to sleep with another male.

Odysseus had the ability to invest 5 years with Circe and 5 months with calypso in their bed. Ladies were tools of enjoyment in the odyssey and were anticipated to stay ‘faithful no matter what’ which started the war that forced Odysseus far from Ithaca the day his boy was born. He dealt with the catastrophe of ripping his ties from his household, a war, adrift at sea, and the rage of the gods. That is why he’s an awful hero. Can heroism have unfavorable effects? Odysseus’ heroism hurt him sometimes. His heroism was the reason why his pride and sensualness prolonged his voyage back to Ithaca.

This is clearly obvious in the episode on the Cyclopes’ Island when Odysseus and his males are safely far from the island when Odysseus extols his exploits making Polythemus toss giant stones nearly sinking the ship. This occurrence harmed Odysseus more than simply losing a couple of males, since Poseidon makes his travel house long and difficult. This happy particular shows how Odysseus’ heroism made him do not have regard for others and revealed he was selfish. In addition, Odysseus sticks with Circe for one year before his guys remind him of house. The story represents how a person’s heroism can affect the outcomes of his trip.

How can heroism assistance someone conquered something? Can being heroic aid individuals in life? Many ask this when checking out Odysseus being brave. The brave qualities of Odysseus help him survive through the entire epic. For example, Odysseus eliminates the Cyclops while the giant is asleep, even though the monster consumed 2 guys minutes prior to. Odysseus is brave because he defends his beliefs and never lets the viewpoints of others keep him from doing what is right. Some believe Odysseus shows his heroism throughout the impressive because he is proud and does not want to leave any task unfinished.

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Odysseus frequently thinks twice before acting, because he utilizes reason to evaluate the situation, which saves him and his guys often times. Odysseus understands that there is no progress without the knowledge and a brave and heroic to back it up. Utilizing courage and wisdom throughout life enables an individual to see greatness in life and reveal his/her brave traits. In the end Odysseus revealed heroism in good and bad ways but to many he is still considered a hero. His actions good or bad got him home to Penelope and his kid and made his name become a legend so many would think he is the meaning of heroic or that he portrayed heroism well.

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