The Morality Of Genetic Selection Is Explored In Gattaca

The Morality Of Genetic Choice Is Explored In Gattaca

Although embeded in the future the technological developments are minimized with a sterilized, featureless workplace and retro looking cars. The focus is on undesirable changes to society, in a comparable vein to A Clockwork Orange, 1984 and Blade Runner.

New Zealand born Andrew Niccol is the director and screen writer of Gattaca. He is likewise the screen writer of The Truman Program which has some similarities. The movies share the basic style of an individual triumphing over a synthetic society and the specific style of venturing out into the ocean.

The tagline of the film is that there is no gene for the human spirit. The primary character (Ethan Hawke) shows he has the spirit to compensate for the physical genetic weak point that life has actually dealt him. Through a DNA broker Hawke sets up to take on the identity of a maimed male with flawless genes (Jude Law.)

In the motion picture’s parlance Hawke ends up being a “obtained ladder.” This is one of many references to DNA in the movie. Hawke’s character is seen having fun with a toy DNA hair as a young kid, Law’s apartment features a spiral staircase and the four letters utilized in the word “Gattaca” are the initial letters of the 4 DNA nucleotides (adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine.)

The acting performances of Hawke and the leading woman (Uma Thurman) are restrained by the nature of their characters. The star who takes the program is Law. At the start of the motion picture he is a bitter and twisted man wallowing in self-pity and bitterness for the world. At first Law dislikes Hawke for having inferior genes however he pertains to admire Hawke’s spirit and determination to be successful against the odds. In a significant scene Law reveals he has spirit too when he carries himself up his spiral staircase.

Unfortunately Law kills himself at the end of the film. Although his motives may have been altruistic I feel the movie strikes a wrong note here.

A much better moment is when the company physician (Xander Berkeley) reveals that he understands about Hawke’s deceptiveness however disregards. This shows that there are still individuals willing to offer others a fair go to realise their capacity in a prejudiced society.

Gattaca is a well crafted and uplifting movie. It was worthy of much more success than it got when it was launched. For an idea provoking form of sci-fi I extremely suggest Gattaca.

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