The Metamorphosis notes

The Transformation keeps in mind

!.?.!? AP/IB English: Major Functions Data Sheet Title: The Metamorphosis Author: Franz Kafka Date of Publication:1915 Genre: fiction Biographical details about the author 1833-1924 Born into a middle class German speaking Jewish family in Prague. Antagonistic relationship with his father. Close relationship with sister: Ottla Sent to German Schools, great academically Friend was, Max Brod Household used him for his cash Had clinical depression, social stress and anxiety mental instability and tuberculosis Historical information about period of publication

In the time of Kafka the department in between Czech and German speaking individuals in Czechoslovakia was huge. Jewish individuals did not fit in effectively with either of the groups. All groups were searching for a national identity, led to tension. Attributes of the category: modernism Self-consciousness New ways of achieving goals Other ways of believing and advancing Turns down social belief in some cases Scientific, technological, commercial advancements Plot summary- Write a minimum of 5 sentence for each of the 3 parts Part 1: One day Gregor Samsa awakens as giant cockroach. He is late for work and can not rise, he is a traveling salespersons.

The mom and sis (Grete) are worried for him since he never misses out on work, he works a lot. The manager from his work pertains to examine him and alerts him of the consequences of missing work, that he might get fired. Gregor does unlock the door later on, and everybody is frightened by his appearance, his mother faints, the manager leaves and his father locks him in his space brutally. Part 2- In this part we see that Grete starts taking care of Gregor practically solely, offering him food and cleansing after him. The family begins to speak about their monetary issues because Gregor can’t take care of them.

Gregor gets sad since he was planning on putting his sibling in a music school for her to establish her violin skills. Gregor starts climbing up walls, getting used to his brand-new body. On one occasion his mother and sibling were securing his furniture for him to walk around much better but he wished to save a photo by reviewing it, his mommy passed out at the sight so he left the room. His father started throwing apples at him, one of which stayed lodged in his body, injuring him greatly. Part 3- There are boarders in the house for extra earnings however they leave when the area Gregor, not paying rent.

Grete get tired of cleaning and taking care of Gregor but gets mad when his mama attempts to. The household wishes to get rid of Gregor, but then Gregor passes away. The family reconsider their financial resources while in the countryside, feeling relief at Gregor’s death. The mother and dad see that Grete has turned into a nice woman. Explain the author’s tone and POV: Tone-matter-of-factly, says thing as they are POV-third person minimal(Gregor’s viewpoint mostly, however towards the end Gregor passes away which is not true) Examples that demonstrate this: (2 per device) Not long after dinner, his dad would go to sleep in his char:” ‘Through the crack in the door, Gregor could see that the gas had been lit in the living room. “The very first thing he wished to do as get up in peace without being disrupted.” “All the time, Grete was ending up being livelier” (when Gregor was already dead) Unforgettable quotes (5) “Gregor, nevertheless, had no idea of unlocking, and instead congratulated himself for his careful habit, acquired from his travelling, of locking doors at night even when he was at house. “This photo a minimum of, ow absolutely covered by Gregor, would definitely be taken away by nobody. “The light from the electrical street lights shone palely occasionally onto the ceiling and tops of the furniture, however down below, where Gregor was, it was dark” “Nobody dared to eliminate the apple lodged in Gregor’s flesh”” As soon as they reached their destination Grete was the very first to get up and extend her young body” (last page) Significance of quotes Show how isolated Gregor is, even from his own household. And how his work influences even the smallest details of his life, like locking doors.

Shows how Gregor is attempting to hold on to the last little his humanity, the photo from his past, of a female. Demonstrates how separated Gregor is. Outside it is light however where he is it is dark. Shows themes of dark vs. light and isolation. His family is so revolted by him, they will not even have the heart or the stomach to take out the apple that is hurting and injuring him a lot. More seclusion. Grete has ended up being a female, gone through her own metamorphosis thanks to Gregor’s. Characters (Significant and Minor) Call Function in story Significance Adjectives Gregor Samsa Mr. Samsa Mrs. Samsa Grete Office Manager nd Cleaning Lady The Boarders Becomes cockroach, primary character Gregor’s dad Gregor’s mother Gregor’s sis Gregor’s associate New cleaning lady for family Remain in Samsa house Goes through the transformation, we see how the household goes through it too since of him. He is not accepting of Gregor in his brand-new type, ruthless male, violent of Gregor prior to financially. In the end she is the only one who still loves him, attempts to accepts him Close with Gregor at first, cleans up after him, in the end does not appreciate him. Wish to know why Gregor didn’t go to work, scared of his cockroach self

Only one who speaks to Gregor, disposes of his body Don’t pay rent when they sight Gregor. Get bored of Grete’s violin playing. Uneasy, ineffective, caring Harsh, indicate, callous Weak, caring, considerate Nice, hypocritical, musical Rigorous, indicate Bothersome, talkative, indifferent Inconsiderate, out of line Setting (s) Gregor’s spaces Gregor’s house The countryside in Part 3 Significance of opening scene and opening paragraph or sentence Gregor discovers he is a cockroach. We see here how crucial his work is for him and how isolated he is, keeping his door locked and travelling all the time. Symbols (2) Explain!

Cockroach- Gregor sees himself as an uncomfortable, useless, unsightly and horrible, his transformation also makes him that in the physical sense also. Grete extending at the end- signifies her leaving her cocoon and being a ladies, going through her own metamorphosis and can even extend to the household’s own metamorphosis. Themes/motifs (3) Explain! Isolation/alienation: Gregor becomes a cockroach, which indicates he can not go to work or communicate with his household or anyone else. His family does not even like seeing him much because of his horrible appearance. This triggers him to feel separated and alienated.

Regret- Gregor utilized to make sure financially of his family by himself. Now that he turned into a cockroach he can refrain from doing that. He frequently hears his household discussing their financial difficulties. That makes him feel guilty for his uselessness. In the end his family is saying how they would be better off without him, likewise making him feel guilty. Cash- Money is very essential in the book and for the Samsa household. Now that Gregor is a cockroach he can not offer it anymore and the family needs to discover new methods of receiving it. Significance of closing scene and closing paragraph or sentence The Samsa family plans their finances.

We see how quickly they can just reevaluate and how relieved they are about Gregor’s death. Grete stretches her body, breaking out, becoming a women. Protagonist: Gregor Samsa Antagonist: Household, himself Main dispute: Gregor is become a cockroach, unable to take care of his household. Minute when protagonist offers decisively with main dispute (climax): By the end, he dies, and the family is relieved. Key messages in resolution: don’t let cash be all. Style statement: money can rule us, can distort us and make us change for the bad.

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