Lesson Plan for The Metamorphosis

Throughout the study of The Transformation and related works by Franz Kafka, trainees with particular learning disabilities need to have the option of utilizing dictation software application for writing tasks, and text-to-speech software application for checking out projects.

The “Kafka’s Prague” activity on Day 1 uses the web for research study, as well as for document sharing. Students may likewise pick to use a referral management program such as Zotero or RefWorks to arrange their research study products throughout the week. For the final discussion of these materials, students ought to have access to PowerPoint or another presentation program, and/or a movie editing program such as iMovie. The “Kafka in Translation” activity on this day requires a smartboard or overhead projector.

The internet and speakers are needed to gain access to and play the audio recording for the “Translation” lesson on Day 2. Trainees will likewise require taping devices and sound modifying software for the evaluation portion of the activity. A projector or big screen is needed to evaluate the film for the 2nd installment of the “Kafka’s Prague” activity.

The activities on Day 3 also utilize a projector or big display to screen the series of short films for the 3rd area of the continuous “Kafka in Translation” project, in addition to access to a course site or file sharing website.

Trainees might use computers or tablets to display images throughout the “Absurdist Art” lesson, which also uses a projector or big screen. Students will likewise do internet research study on this day.

In preparation for the last portion of the “Kafka in Translation” project on Day 5, offer students a range of technology for the creation of their initial artworks, consisting of digital design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, recording equipment and sound editing programs, movie modifying programs, etc. For the “Kafka’s Last Trial” lesson, trainees may utilize tablets or personal computers to access their annotated posts as PDF files. This day’s activities will likewise utilize the internet for research study, and a word processing program for in-class essay writing.

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