The Lottery Analysis

The Lottery Analysis

The story is about a town who has a tradition every year, one day in June the people of the town should gather around and play their opportunities of winning the lottery. At the end we find out who wins and we find out that the reward of the lottery game is to be compromised. One of the primary style’s in this story is the violence and ruthlessness of human beings. The author utilizes literary gadgets to reveal particular elements of the harassers and story to let the reader comprehend the story better.

There are numerous types of literary elements in this story, for example the author presents the story with a very casual light mood, it makes the reader assume all is well and regular in the town. The setting isn’t really descriptive, however there suffices details to let the reader understand the story happens in a village Of 300 people. The factor that we understand is that in the very first paragraph it specifies, “in this town, where there were only about three hundred.

There is characterization, the majority of the characters that are discussed are flat due to the fact that they aren’t very essential and they don’t go through any modification. There is one character called Testis Hutchinson, at the starting she takes part in the lottery believing it’s fair and accompanies it. However as quickly as her family is named as the winner she starts making excuses for why it was t reasonable, then when she is picked to be sacrificed she realizes that this is wrong and vicious and she attempted to inform everyone it isn’t fair to eliminate one another.

In the story there are various author’s techniques, for instance the author utilized foreshadowing. In the 2nd paragraph the author composed “the boys eventually made a fantastic pile of stones in one corner of the square and secured it” The author makes us believe that the young boys were merely playing a game by gathering the stones. Later on in the story towards the end we learn that the kids had purposely collected them and the people of the village utilized them to eliminate the individual who won the lotto.

The author also uses rebel irony due to the fact that when we consider the word lotto we automatically think about it as something positive, however later on we find out it’s the complete opposite. There is also situational irony due to the fact that the occasions that take place are unanticipated. Many people would believe that the lottery game was something favorable to win. Nevertheless, when we learn what the lotto really is, the story becomes unanticipated. There is a movie called “The Lottery game” it was based on the story. The film was shot by encyclopedia Britannica Education Corporation in 1969.

There is a story called “A few of Us Have Actually Been Threatening Our Good Friend Colby,” written by Donald Birthrate. The story’s discuss Colby going to far about something and his friends chose to penalize him by hanging him due to the fact that they do not desire somebody else to go too far either. This story resembles The Lottery because it reveals the dark side of human nature and how vicious individuals could be. There is also a movie called “A Prayer For the Dying,” it was directed by Mike Hodges. In the story of the film there is a guy who accidentally kills a bus filled with ten years olds when his mob goes off at the incorrect time.

He needs to get away and the only way he can do that is by committing another murder. He chooses to go along because to him it just looked like one last killing. The resemblances from The Lottery and A Prayer For the Dying in both stories it shows how quickly people can eliminate one another. Another comparable link to world connections is human cruelty towards others. In the world there are lots of murders, genocides and wars that have actually impacted society just like how in the town people killed each other as if absolutely nothing was incorrect.

Back in day if you did something incorrect the instant sentence was to be hung, carried out or stoned to death. When those occasions would take place the towns would gather and watch as it occurred. Just like in the story people collected and assisted when Testis was being stoned to death. The primary theme of the Lotto is to demonstrate how individuals can sacrifice others without any problem. To likewise to show the dark side of human nature and how even though we live in a civilized society there are still those who are harsh and don’t value the lives of human beings as they should.

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