The Jury Group in 12 Angry Men, a Movie by Sydney Lumet

12 Angry Guys

A group is generally referred to as individuals interacting towards a typical cause. The movie 12 Angry Men involved a jury group of 12 males arguing a murder trial. They were completely and their goal was to figure out if a young boy was guilty of killing his father. An attribute of groups that was extremely easy to see given that the beginning of the film was the truth that usually it takes longer to make decisions in a group that an individual. We see this since in the start of the motion picture when they took a vote on who believed the young boy was guilty of the criminal offense everybody understood how they felt. 11 voted guilty 1 voted not guilty. The reality that all of them had to come to one concise answer it took hours for them to finally agree of the kid being innocent it took more time.

Likewise in chapter 9 it states that groups have the prospective to reduce people and motivate conformity. We state this half way through the motion picture when among the males couldn’t make up their mind, one man asked him what he thought and due to the fact that the individual who asked him thought innocent he voted innocent too.

However when another man talked with him that thought the kid was guilty he changed his vote once again. This group being together made the group more innovative when developing originalities and proof. What I discovered the most from viewing this movie was to be client and have an open mind about other peoples ideas. Among the men were quite hard headed he didn’t alter his mind till he was the really last person that was still voting guilty. Although there was a lot pointing to the kid not being guilty he was unfaltering with his opinion it was as if he was not even listening to the other individuals talking in his head all he might hear was that the boy stabbed his daddy to death.

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