The Individual and Society (The Crucible)

The Person and Society (The Crucible)

Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible is a tale of hysteria and catastrophe. According to Bonnet, The Crucible is a complex story with dual emphasis on the private and on society. The article “Society vs. The Individual in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible” describes that consistent shift between 2 really different ideas. The play is continuously switching in between the two poles. Both society and the private play unique important roles in the play, but the two are also extremely linked, and to pull them apart would be to destroy the play.

Bonnet then goes on in more information the functions of these 2 concepts, exploring them through the author himself, the society, setting, and language. I agree with Bonnet’s analyzation of The Crucible due to the fact that I think that there is a really complex relationship between the society and the person in the play. On of the first things that the author of the post explains, is that the author himself has inconsistent statements on the functions of the society and the individual.

Miller says that his central impulse in composing the play was the interior mental question of guilt. In an interview with Miller, he says that he composed the play to stress the conflict in between individuals and not the dispute within someone (Bonnet). I agree with the author’s opinion that the even Miller is ambiguous about what the focus of the play is, possibly since he himself doesn’t really understand, or maybe due to the fact that he desires the reader to find that for his or herself.

Miller, in his authorial statements even lays stress on the significance of the sense of community (Bonnet), all while offering essential individual characters lives. Something else that interested me while checking out the article was the way the author described the Puritan society. According to Bonnet, the unity of the neighborhood is what eventually tears it apart. I hadn’t considered the society that way prior to. The perfectness of the community, and the unity that brings likewise leaves behind an inescapable sense of suspicion among its members.

Even the established of this society is something that Bonnet uses to exemplify her point, “The Crucible … can be seen as a zoom of petty, self-centered quarrels occasioned due to the fact that the person’s desires are suppressed by the reliable state.” One of Bonnet’s the majority of interesting points to me was the value of the setting, “… the 3 remaining acts all occur- actually or symbolically- in court.” Bonnet offers evidence from Act 2 in the Proctor home when John is being interrogated as though in court.

Act 3 actually takes place in the court, and act 4 in a prison. Bonnet highlights the 4th act because it focuses more on John Proctor’s personal case, however it likewise shows a crucial connection in between the community and one’s own conscience, “It shows how conscience … the necessary being of male, is manipulated by society.” Some of the others that had actually been accused of witchcraft gave up and incorrectly admitted to witchcraft, whereas others (like John and Rebecca Nurse) did not. The ones who had given in where the ones that had been controlled by society.

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They knew that they had done nothing wrong, and yet society would not let them live if they did they not confess. Another thing that I found very fascinating was the concept of language in the play. Bonnet describes language as the demonic force of the play. The people are condemned with it, and those that do not die must use it wrongly to live. Honesty is useless in the play. John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse are two of the most individuals I’ve ever checked out, and yet their sincerity is what kills them.

The only time that sincerity would have assisted anybody is when Elizabeth is asked what occurred in between John and Abigail, and this is the one circumstances where a truthful individual lies. It is frustrating, however I had not recognized the complete significance and role of the language till after reading this short article. I concur totally with the analysis of the play that Bonnet offers because I do believe that there is a very complex relationship between the society and the person in The Crucible. Through all four of these aspects, Bonnet is able to show the relationship between the two crucial aspects of the play.

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