The Hidden Messages in 12 Angry Men, a Film Directed by Sidney Lumet

In the movie 12 Angry Guys was a dramatic story about a case where 12 jurors which had different habits. The men were ranked on various social classes had to pick the case of a teenage kid stabbing his daddy. It took a lot of desushing on if the young boy is guilty or not guilty on stabbing his dad. This motion picture is an allegory which the story had actually concealed significance of which things were signs in the case. The signs are the jury, eyeglasses, and the rain.

Allegory is a story, poem, or picture that can be translated to reveal a covert meaning, normally a moral or political one. The case of the boy stabbing his dad was challenging to resolve guilty or not guilty due to the fact that the truths were not there some were signified by covert emotion of others and how they fixed it. The feeling of the jurors were difficult to figure out who agree on if the case was guilty or not guilty.The knife which the young boy stabbed his daddy had a concealed significance on how the kid used it to eliminate his daddy.

The 12 Angry men motion picture is an allegory with numerous surprise meanings which ideas are represented as symbols.The 3 signs are the Jury, Spectacles, and the Rain. The whole jury symbolized the argument on the case to agree on a very same topic. The eyeglasses, the woman at the lawsuit had spectacles stated she saw the young boy stab his daddy, however in the court she switched character and stated a various story which was the opposite of the case. Spectacles suggests a switch of character appearance sensible and emotional.

In the story the rain represented the tension the degust of the outcome of the case. The jurors were getting fed up on the argument of the case and when the rain put the jurors seen degust of what the case might be guilty or not guilty and when the rain stopped everyone understand it was innocent.

In conclusion 12 Angry Guys had a number of concealed messages of ideas and feelings the jurors had. The message was reprosent as signs on how to figure if the case is guilty or not guilty. The hidden message put individuals on edge on understanding the result of the case.

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