The differences between the language of Ralph and Robinson Crusoe Essay

In this area I am going to speak about the differences between the language of Ralph and Robinson Crusoe. I am going to discus the different types of English language. I am going to provide 2 extracts and show the different types of language in them. And I am going to write a great and wicked column, which would be similar to Ralph’s if he wrote one.

The language between Ralph and Robinson Crusoe is extremely various. This is due to the fact that they were both from really different times and Ralph is only a boy.

There are three types of English language these are: Latin based English, French based English and Anglo Saxon based English. Latin based English is the most complicated type out of them all this type on English utilizes words like renewal, country and assist. French based language isn’t as hard as Latin based English but it’s rather advanced and it uses words like: individuals, aid, virtue and flame.

Anglo Saxon based English is the easiest of them all it uses words like: help, goodness, fire and folk.

In ‘Robinson Crusoe’ both Defoe and Crusoe utilize Latin based English because at the time it is more common to utilize a lot of Latin based English but now since of the modification in education individuals utilize mostly French and Anglo Saxon based English however it does not mean that we don’t utilize it completely anymore we just utilize less of it.

When Robinson Crusoe speaks he uses a great deal of Latin based English due to the fact that he is represented as an intelligent time and like I stated before at the time when the book was composed it was more typical to speak utilizing a great deal of Latin based English.

When Ralph speaks he utilizes primarily Anglo Saxon based English this is due to the fact that he is just a boy and hasn’t been taught these words yet however when Golding tells he uses primarily French based English this is because the time he wrote the book it was less common to speak like Defoe.

Ralph uses a great deal of slang like the majority of boys his age do. He utilizes words and phrases such as: ‘Sucks to your _____’

‘gosh’ ‘smashing’

‘wacco’ ‘Waxy’

‘wizard’ ‘doink’

‘golly’ ‘bong’

Whereas Robinson Crusoe’s language is a lot more intricate with words like: ‘Expostulating’




If Ralph were to write a great against evil column it would probably check out like this:

Great Evil

I have actually crashed on an island luckily I have made it through and I have

Without any grown ups to conserve me other young boys with me too

Here is an extract from ‘Robinson Crusoe’ showing the different types of language he has used in the extract.

‘Being the 3rd kid of the household and not reproduced to any trade my head started to fill with rambling thoughts. I would be satisfied with nothing however going to sea my disposition lead me so highly against the will of my commands and nay the commands of my father and against all the entries and persuasions of my mother and other friends that there seemed to be something deadly in the propension of nature and tending me to the life of misery that was to befall me’

Since of the time it was wrote in a few of these words seem rather old and seldom utilized anymore such as befall, propenssion and nay.

Here is and extract from ‘Lord of the Flies’ this shows Ralph and the other young boys language and Defoe’s language too.

‘ “This is real exploring,” Stated jack “I wager no-one has actually been here prior to.”

“We ought to draw a map,” stated Ralph “just we have no paper.”

“We might make scratches on the bark” stated Simon “and rub black things in it.”

Again came the solemn communication of shining eyes in the gloom.



In this extract we can see the distinction between the boy’s language and Golding’s. We can see that the kids utilize a lot more easier language then Golding for example Golding uses words like ‘solemn’ whereas the boys utilize more easy language such as ‘rub’, and ‘things’.

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