The Depression and Of Mice and Men

The Depression and Of Mice and Guy

In the book Of Mice and Men composed by John Steinbeck, in the height of the Great Depression, the primary characters Lennie and George deal with a ranch in Salinas where they fulfill lots of individuals. They fulfill Crooks, Sweet and Curley’s wife who look like solitude. In the book Of Mice and Male by John Steinbeck, the author utilizes the characters of Crooks, Candy and Curley’s partner to express a style of isolation. Steinbeck uses the characters of Crooks to highlight a style of solitude. Crooks was talking to Lennie about how he wasn’t desired in the bunkhouse. Lennie was curious why this was and Crooks responded,” ‘Cause I’m black. They play cards in there, however I can’t play since I’m black. They state I stink. Well, I inform you, you all of you stink to me” (68 ). Crooks represents loneliness because given that everyone is bias, nobody wants to talk with him. Considering That Crooks was African American, none of the white people listen to him and even treat him as a human. He has no one to listen to him, he is alone. He was disregarded by everyone, so all he had was himself. Lennie had unexpectedly strolled into the doorway of Crooks shed-like space, where Crooks starts becoming really protective of why Lennie is in his room and states, “You go on get outta my room. I ain’t desired in the bunk-house, and you ain’t desired in my room” (68 ). This demonstrates how Crooks pretends he doesn’t want Lennie in his space, when he really does. But due to the fact that he is so lonesome, he feeds for company but rejects others since everyone declines him. Scoundrels has actually been really isolated from other individuals on the cattle ranch. He has been taught not to speak up and stand up for himself due to the fact that of his skin color. Scoundrels is a symbol of isolation together with a stoop-shouldered old, ineffective guy called Candy.
The character of Candy is used to depict a theme of isolation in Of Mice and Male. Sweet and everybody else in the space were awaiting Slim to shoot Candy’s pet due to the fact that they all believed he was useless and stinky when, “A shot sounded in the distance. The guys looked rapidly at the old guy. Every head turned toward him. For a minute he continued to gaze at the ceiling. Then he rolled gradually over and faced the wall and lay silent” (49 ). Sweet symbolizes solitude since in the beginning, all he had was his pet. Today that his dog was shot, he had nobody. His dog was shot because he had a difficult time standing up for himself. He couldn’t withstand other guys. He now wants his pet was still alive, however is sorry for not shooting his pet dog himself. Lennie, George and Candy were all in the bunkhouse fathoming about their yet un-attainted future. When Candy says, “Perhaps if I offer you men my money, you’ll let me hoe in the garden even after I ain’t no great at it. An I’ll clean dishes an’ little chicken stuff like that. But I’ll be on our own location, and I’ll be let to work on our own location” (60 ). Candy represents hope. Lennie and George’s house gives Candy wish for a further dream, to prevent loneliness. He has no family or nothing to anticipate, so he is desperate to discover joy. Sweet leads a style of isolation, together with a damaged, indecisive, dreamer woman who passes the name of Curley’s other half.
Steinbeck utilizes the character of Curley’s better half to develop a theme of solitude. Lennie was refusing to speak with Curley’s wife since George informed him not too, when Curley’s partner states, “Why can’t I speak with you? I never ever get to talk with nobody. I get horrible lonesome” (86 ). Curley’s spouse represents isolation due to the fact that she has nobody on the cattle ranch she in fact looks after. She is the only female. She is Curley’s home, which means everyone on the ranch hesitates to speak with her since there’s a possibility they could get fired. She is technically separated from fraternizing anyone besides her spouse, who she doesn’t even look after. Curley’s partner was speaking to Lennie in the barn and chose to admit, “Well, I ain’t informed this to nobody before. May I ought ‘n to. I do not like Curley. He ain’t a great fella” (89 ). This shows how isolated Curley’s better half has actually been. Curley is the reason Curley’s wife dreads over loneliness. Curley’s wife is only allowed to speak to a single person, Curley. She considers Curley as a last resort due to her unattained movie-star future. And now, she is imprisoned by Curley due to her absence of success.
In the book Of Mice and Guy by John Steinbeck, the author uses the character of Crooks, Sweet and Curley’s better half to show a theme of loneliness. John Steinbeck represents an extremely positive outlook. He uses the unique to convey a feeling of solitude. Relationships such as George and Lennie grow higher throughtout the book and finally part in the end. Despite the terrible ending, there is hope, love and respect to come towards the most difficult situations.

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