The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, is a play about vengeance and greed.

The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, is a play about revenge and greed.The Crucible, composed by Arthur Miller, is a play about vengeance and greed. The Salem Witch Trials highlighted the opportunities to inflict penalty on one’s neighbour, claim other’s land, and settle old ratings. The Witch Trials brought out everybody’s inner greed, jealously and the revenge they yearn to look for. Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Proctor remain in consistent dispute over John Proctor throughout the play. There is evidence of this dispute when Betty Parris states,”You did, you did! You consumed an appeal to eliminate John Proctors ‘other half! You consumed an appeal to kill Goody Proctor! 1 This demonstrates how there is some inner jealousy involving Abigail’s sensations towards Elizabeth and her relationship with John. Abigail and Elizabeth are in this on-going dispute because Abigail’s affair with John. Although, John Proctor does not feel the exact same was as Abigail does, “Abby, I might think of you gently from time to time. But I will cut off my hand prior to I’ll ever grab you again. Clean it out of mind. We never ever touched, Abby.”2. Another piece of proof is the fact the Abigail dislikes how John Proctor is being”bent”by Elizabeth, she blames her bad name in the village, on Goody Proctor. She is blackening my name in the town! She is informing lies about me! She is a cold, snivelling woman, and you bend to her.” 3 With the trials occurring, next-door neighbors discovered it simple to create dispute with one another by sobbing out their innocent names for witchcraft suspicion, like Abigail Williams did to Elizabeth Proctor. During the Salem Witch Trials, everybody has various opinions. Feelings altered and their real colours came out. It was an opportunity for this small town of Salem to tell people what they actually considered each other, create a conflict and in this particular period, a big, on-going conflict was the ownership of land. In The Crucible, Francis Nurse combated with his neighbor, Thomas Putnam over land ownership.”This squabble grew to the proportions of a battle in the woods between partisans of both sides, and it is stated to have actually lasted for 2 days.”4 Individuals of Salem hesitated that their land would be offered if they were accused of witchcraft, “He would not answer aye or nay to his indictment; for if he rejected the charge they ‘d hang him undoubtedly, and auction out his property.”5 In the time of the Salem Witch Trials, land was an essential need, and by having allegations with your name on it, there was danger that somebody else would claim your land. The Salem Witch Trials likewise offered an opportunity to settle old ratings. In The Crucible, it was no secret that there was an ongoing feud in between Rev. Parris and John Proctor. Faith in Salem, in this period of time, was very essential and Proctor didn’t appear to like the method Parris preached.”I like it not that Mr. Parris need to lay his hand upon my child. I see no light of God in that man. I’ll not hide it. “6 Throughout the accusations, Parris attempted to show the court that Proctor was a bad guy. “Beware this man, Your Excellency, this male is mischief. “7 In Salem, if you could prove that the accused person

was a holy Christian, then that could not be challenged, but Parris came to show that Proctor wasn’t a good Christian and need to be hanged. “Such a Christian that will not pertain to church but once in a month!” 8 Parris came back from that comment and stated,”I-I have no love for Mr. Parris. Pertinent Topics Readers Likewise Select How does The Crucible associate with the Red Scare It is no secret. However God I surely love.”9 The trials proved the opportunity to settle old scores since if you could prove yourself a good, sincere Christian, you could not be challenged and

you then might acquire the power to accuse the

  • ones you dislike with witchcraft. Throughout Salem

Witch Trials, feelings and real feelings were blurted in the village. Vengeance, jealously and greed were all strolling in Salem. The trials offered the opportunity to cause penalty on those in the town, claim other’s land, and settle old ratings. The as soon as pure, simple and quiet town of Salem, was now about individual conflicts and human feelings, thanks to the opportunities that the Salem Witch Trials offered. Footnotes 1. Miller, Arthur; The Crucible, page 19. 2. Miller, Arthur; The Crucible, page 23. 3. Miller, Arthur; The Crucible, page 23

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