The Crucible: Theocracy Is a Dangerous Form of Government

The Crucible: Theocracy Is a Dangerous Type of Federal Government

To all intents and purposes, the power of theocracy in Massachusetts was broken.” (146 ). The wrong-doings of “spiritual authorities”, nevertheless one defines them, caused this unjust federal government to collapse. What is the point of trial when one could not be proven innocent? Each trial lead down the very same course, a witch that admitted was penalized, and an accused witch who did not confess was likewise punished. So under a theocratic federal government, there were no winners nor losers, only those unjustly put to distressing and scary deaths.

A theocracy is a really harmful type of federal government because it is unjust, has no real structure, and paradoxically put the innocent to death and let the guilty live. Think of being prosecuted understanding the word innocent would not be utilized that particular day. Absolutely nothing could assist considering that this federal government was based on religion, and G-d was clearly not showing up face to face. The district attorney has no clinical evidence at all, only words flowing out of meaningless individuals that are attempting to save themselves prior to they think of what damage they are triggering to their community.

Abigail shows this by committing acts of witchcraft, and then turns around and points her finger at the innocent. A disorganized government is just about the like having no government at all. What is a government without leadership? A theocratic government remained in a league all its own. With its only kind of referral being the bible, laws were not required and not helpful. In Salem, Massachusetts, the Puritan neighborhood based whatever they had on their religion. This is why it is not a surprise that their federal government was another daily reminder of how highly God and the bible impacted them.

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A looming sense of threat filled the air when John Proctor informed his spouse that Giles Corey had actually been carried out. He was the very first of numerous to come. And that exact same sense of danger filled each household as the news spread around Salem about who was being accused and who were the accusers of the witch trials. Understanding that each of their lives could be in threat from the tiniest suspicious act, each member of the neighborhood based on edge, waiting and watching their society crumble due to the fact that of worry.

Theocracy was so treacherous, it might wipe out an entire town. In “The Crucible”, theocracy was the popular form of government. Through the course of the book, lots of examples were shown that theocracy was a destructive kind of government. Their radical belief was taken into play and lead to the loss of many innocent lives. Individuals of Salem finally understood that their previous appropriate belief in theocracy was unethical, otherwise it would of stayed that method till today.

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