The Crucible – Teenagers in Control

The Crucible– Teens in Control

The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, shows how Abigail and business take control of the city of Salem. With adjustment and decision she persuaded everybody that witch spirits are loose in Salem, and by letting that out brought mayhem into the streets of Salem. Mary Warren, Tituba, and Betty Parris, all assisted Abigail in keeping this scam alive. by managing what went inside the courtroom provided all the power because they are the ones who call the shots.

One could state that they were jangling the secrets to the kingdom by wrongly accusing people of being witches, controlling what went on in the courtroom, and computing together to get what they desired. This is what made the trials corrupt and unjustified. Abigail, the master coordinator of everything, utilized control to control the girls to get them to dance in the forest for her own evil going. “Let either of you breathe a word, or edge of a word, about the other things, and I will pertain to you in the black and awful night and will bring a pointy numeration that will shiver you” (Crucible 837).

When they got captured, Abigail took control of the girls minds by informing them that she will kill who ever would come out inform the reality. When Abigail got the woman’s loyalty, an opportunity presented itself. If they informed which people were with the devil they would have a fresh brand-new start. This was how they entered into control of the city of Salem. “The affected girls existed at the examinations and trials, often creating such pandemonium that the procedures were disrupted. The implicated witches were, for the many part, persons of good reputation in the neighborhood; one was even a former minister in the village.

A number of significant people were “sobbed out” upon, consisting of John Alden and Girl Phips. All the males and women who were hanged had consistently kept their innocence; not one confessor to the criminal offense was performed. It had actually ended up being obvious early in the course of the procedures that those who admitted would not be executed” (Ergotism). This then entered into the courtroom and all individuals who wrongly implicated would have to plead guilty to live, or say that they are innocent and pass away.

This offered Abigail control of everything and everybody in Salem, however when individuals began coming in, the power she had was being abused. “With terrific power comes excellent responsibility” (Spiderman). Abigail had the power however no duty. When people like Mr. Putnam and Mrs. Putnam got in and started considering what they desired, they used Abigail and the ladies for the control and power that they had, to get the location and area that they desired. The power was utilized to get rid of individuals that they did not like in Salem. This brought a great deal of corruption because this ended up killing everybody who got in their way.

In their attempt to manage what went on inside and out outside of the courtroom, Abigail and the rest of the girls schemed together to make their plans fail right. In the story, Mary Warren offered Goody Proctor a rag doll and in it was a pin, but Goody Proctor did not understand about it. Abigail was the one who had actually planted the needle in the rag doll to frame Goody Proctor. Abigail ends up stabbing herself with a dagger to make it appear like Goody Proctor utilized witchcraft to do that to her. Abigail got all everybody on her side when she stabbed herself. “There is Goody Proctor, old witch, I’ll have her hang” (Rice Earl).

With all of this occurring in Salem, Abigail’s strategy was legit. When Mary Warren got John Proctor to come to court, Abigail tried to fake a scene. “Abigail strongly resumes her brilliant impersonation of a soul possessed”(Leonard Moss). Abigail attempted and did everything in her power to get what she wanted however because she abused the power, it later on ended up being too much for her to deal with, so she ran away. In conclusion, Abigail and her group of girl where jangling the secrets of the city through manipulation, abusing the power that she possessed, and computing through whatever together to make her plans legit.

Controling the minds of a lot of in Salem made it hard for anyone who wanted to topple them. The city was just so corrupt that with all this preparation and mind controlling acts, they lost the power by being to corrupt in the trials. In the end there were just too many people that were being convicted for witchcraft in Salem and the judge could not get rid of everyone that was implicated of being a witch. This all pertains to demonstrate how power might easily come to one person the simply disappear in a blink of an eye.

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