The Crucible Reflection Essay

The Crucible Reflection Essay

Yessica Castillo Per. 4 6/19/ 12 The Crucible What is someone’s snapping point? I think it’s when you have no chance out of a problem. This appears like Mary Warren had one. Mary ended up being a servant when her mother and siblings died early in her life. She ended up being the Proctor’s servant. She renounced her witch claims after being threatened to be hanged. She had no cash and no land. For that reason, forcing her to be a servant. Mary appeared to be a really misguided, gullible, and a very fearful woman.

Mary Warren represents some sort of reality in this story. She is the just one that truly knows what’s taking place in my viewpoint she’s just too afraid to come out with the fact. All the hazards and accusations surround her in great doses. The trials are too much for her to swallow. Mary starts to break under the questioning in the court. That shows her weakness. Mary is really misguided by the individuals surrounding particularly John Procter and Abigail. John tells her to state something, “Proctor: You’re pertaining to the court with me, Mary.

You will tell it in the court. You will tell the court how those poppets come here and who stuck the needle in. Mary Warren: She’ll eliminate me for sayin’ that! I can not, they’ll turn on me–“, you can notice Mary’s worry currently by her response. Abigail tells her to state another. Mary’s confusion reveals considerably through the entire play. As the trial goes on her weak points come out in the open. Gullible is another word to represent Mary. She seems to eat whatever they tell her. Mary has problems differentiating excellent and wrong.

Truth and lies, “Mary Warren: That she– in horror– she sometimes made a compact with Lucifer, and wrote her name in his black book– with her blood– and bound herself to torment Christians till God’s tossed down– and we all should worship Hell forevermore”, Mary has no proof of this black book and by her response you can tell she is not being completely genuine. Mary’s worry transforms anything that Abigail claims true. That is up until Abigail turns versus Mary in court, “Abigail: Mary, please do not injure me! Mary Warren, to Danforth: I’m not hurting her!” This is ironic since in the court she ends p hugging with Abigail. To Mary if telling a lie gets her out of trouble she will do so. You can say she resembles a people pleaser, “Mary Warren: I made a gift for you tday, Goody Proctor. I had to sit long hours in a chair, and passed the time with sewing. “, She knows extremely well about the accusations in court and to me she seems to have done it on purpose to comply with Abigail’s dream of Mrs. Procter being apprehended and hanged for being a “witch” And or she tries to prevent issues with individuals by doing what they ask, “Mary Warren: I’ll get up early in the morning and tidy the house.

I should sleep now. She turns and begins.” This is actually where i see Mary do something she desires and not get in problem for it. Mary is quickly tricked into scenarios that she has no business in. Nearly as if being a servant is what she is best as. Mary is an extremely fearful lady. She enables herself to be discussed and scolded “Proctor: I’ll reveal you a fantastic doin’ on your arse among nowadays. Now get you home; my better half is waitin’ with your work!” she enables John to speak with her in this way since of her fear of him penalizing her. Much of with things that she did refrain from doing.

Mary’s fear eats her inside because of all the important things Abigail has threatened her with”Mary Warren, with hysterical scare: What’s got her? Abigail gazes in fright at Betty. Abby, she’s going to pass away! It’s a sin to conjure, and we–“Abigail: I state shut it, Mary Warren!” Mary is too scared to defend herself. After Abigail and the girls’ fake possessive mindset and blame Mary does she in fact speak up for herself in court. Her snapping point managed to get the very best of her in addition to the truth. Mary greatly fears the thought of being sentenced to hang.

Plainly so is everybody else. A lesson I learned from Mary Warren is that one need to not be a fan but a leader instead. Know your right from wrongs and be fully grown enough to do what is right. I tend to be misguided a lot like Mary is in the play. I likewise have a practice of wishing to please individuals knowing that some of my actions have. Checking out Mary’s actions and reactions likewise reveal me that I need to end up being a more powerful individual. Mary’s character likewise reminds me to be a more honest individual due to the fact that with lies I’m just blinding myself from the truth.

Likewise that throughout your entire life nobody will stand up for you as well as you can for yourself. In the end sincerity is the very best policy. Right? If Mary would have been genuine since the beginning she might have avoided fingers pointing at her. She would have not sent out Elizabeth to prison. She would have conserved proctors life. She would have put Abigail where she deserves to be, in jail. But given that she thought what everyone was informing her and chose not to have a say so in court. Honest individuals passed away. Mary warren is a very misguided, fear filled, and easily deceived girl.

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