The Crucible – Functional Society Cannot Exist Without a Balance in Power Essay Sample

The Crucible– Practical Society Can not Exist Without a Balance in Power Essay Sample

‘The Crucible’. written in the 1950s by dramatist Arthur Miller. is a drama of the Salem enchantress tests of 1962. Miller composed the drama as a fable of McCarthyism in American during the 1950s. The drama explores the impression that a practical society can non lack a balance in power. Miller’s placement of Abigail. Reverend Parris and Reverend Hale. request for the reader to see their actions as an maltreatment of power. peculiarly to work their ain opportunism.

Abigail is a antecedently marginalised character who. as a adult female. inhabits the most affordable round of male-dominated Salem. She utilizes her newly found power to debar going to from her ain wickednesss and intrigue her way into John Proctor’s weaponries. In Act 1. Abigail “confesses” to connecting with the Devil. which. balancing to the divinity of Salem. means that she is redeemed and devoid of regret. Then. as the following step in shriving herself of wickedness. she significantly implicates others of being enchantresss– ‘I proverb Sarah Excellent with the devil … I saw Goody Osburn with the devil … I saw Bridget Bishop with the devil’ (pg49 ).

These accusals shifted the load of embarassment from her shoulders to those she called. Abigail’s accusals allow Parris. Hale and Putnam to understand her as valuable. true character sent out to Salem by God to assist ‘clean the village’ (pg48 ). Nevertheless. it appears that Abigail utilizes Salem’s theocracy to achieve power through accusal and maltreatment this power to safeguard her prominence and hedge the effects of her wrong-doing. In addition. as Abigail’s power augements. she uses it to surround Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft as she thinks this will let her to ‘dance with me (Proctor) on my other half’s tomb!’ (pg98 ). Abigail accuses Elizabeth’s ‘familiar spirit’ (pg 70) of requiring a acerate leaf in to her belly. The Salem community is occupying in craze and paranoia and Abigail’s power enables her accusal to instantly require to the apprehension of Elizabeth. The reader is welcomed to accept that Abigail is mistreating her power to work her self-interest– debaring the effects of her mistakes and one time once again being with John Proctor.

Parris abuses his power as Reverend to safeguard his repute and ministry. In Act 1. when he catches the misss dancing the wood. he fears the problem the dirt will do him. He informs Abigail ‘there is a cabal that is testified drive me from my dais (pg19 ). He tells Abigail one time his opponents know his misss ‘trafficked with spirits … they will damage me’ (pg19 ). For that reason. one time Abigail turns the incrimination of Tituba. impeaching Tituba of directing ‘her spirit on me in church; doing me laugh in pray’. Parris rapidly advances the accusal stating ‘she have frequently chuckled in supplication!’ (pg46 ). The reader is invited to accept that Parris’ support of Abigail’s accusal is non for her public assistance. however his repute. In Act 3. when Proctor brings Mary Warren to squeal the accusals were prevarications. Parris feels the power to hold the ability to methodically interfere with the hearing. He urgently tries to sabotage Warren’s accusal stating ‘this is a fast one to blind the court’ (pg95) and impeaching Proctor of ‘blackening my name’ (pg94 ). Parris’ misery is highlighted when he perjures himself. specifying Danforth he ‘never ever found any of the misss naked’ (pg94 ). It is clear to the reader Parris utilizes his power as Minister to object against the fact in order to safeguard his prominence and stay Minister.

Reverend Hale achieves power through his cognition of witchcraft and he uses the accusals as a chance to break his prominence. On being contacted us to Salem. it is apparent he felt proud to be the specializer whose alone cognition was at last publically required. The reader is welcomed to see that his naming to Salem served as a reassuring proof he was required. Hale goes into Salem in a bustle of activity. transferring big books ‘weighted with authority’ (pg40) and predicting an air of great cognition. In the early traveling. he is the force behind the enchantress tests. taking a look at for confessions and promoting individuals to testify. Hale uses his expertness on enchantresss to appeal Tituba to screech to witchery. specifying ‘have you enlisted these kids for the Satan? … Are you garnering minds for the Devil? … When did you pack with the Devil?’ (pg 47 ). The reader feels Hale’s innovative activity of an intense and excitable ambiance where he holds the power. Hale’s cognition of witchcraft generates his power and he abuses this so he seems like an appreciated and of import permission figure.

‘The Crucible’ drama embodies the construct a practical society can non be without a balance in power. Imaginary characters Abigail. Reverend Parris and Reverend Hale abuse the power they possess to operate their opportunism.

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