The Crucible – Change in John Proctor

The Crucible– Change in John Proctor

“The Crucible,” by Arthur Miller, shows the witchcraft trials. Witchcraft considerably impacted people. The Puritans were extremely religious and huge believers of God. They wished to eliminate anybody connected with the devil. The Salem witchcraft trials were suppose to assist eliminate all the wicked people. But it wound up triggering to much chaos in the town. Abigail is a young girl and she is seen dancing with other women in the forest. Dancing is prohibited in the town and signifies witchcraft. To prevent punishment the women begin to implicate other individuals of witchcraft. John Proctor tries to avoid of these bad situations.

But in the end, he uses all of his power in effort to repair and prove that the girls are lying. In the Crucible, John Proctor has actually changed throughout the play by ending up being sincere, listening to his conscience, and having pride in himself. From the beginning of the play, John Proctor is represented as a phony. John Proctor has been cheating on his better half with Abigail. Abigail falls in love with John and she thinks that they are suggested to be together. John is a married man yet he still decides to have an affair with Abigail. Elizabeth does not trust John due to the fact that she has suspicion of him and Abigail having an affair.

Elizabeth is annoyed with this and kicks Abigail out of their home. John makes numerous attempts to try and persuade his partner to forgive him. He is tired of his wife’s suspicion and truthfully informs her “I have not moved from there without I believe to please you, and still everlasting funeral marches around your heart. I can not speak but I am questioned, every minute evaluated for lies …” (Miller 52). This reveals Proctors solid ability to attempt and get forgiveness from his partner. John Proctor is using his honesty to get his other half’s trust back. He wishes to relax his wife down and get rid of her anger, so she doesn’t go to the court.

John dislikes the court and he doesn’t wish to get involved with them. He acts respectfully to his better half to avoid any bad circumstances. He also still appreciates Elizabeth because he would rather her to talk with him then disregard him. He shows empathy to Elizabeth and makes an effort to regain her respect. John has actually harmed his better half and he is attempting to repair his sin by being honest with her. Abigail is mad at Elizabeth for kicking her out and separating her from John. Because Abigail is the leader of the witchcraft girls, she chooses to implicate Elizabeth of witchcraft.

This makes John upset due to the fact that he has been slowly getting his better half’s forgiveness. John has actually been avoiding of difficulty with his better half. John had the ability to avoid Elizabeth from telling the court. They were working on the relationship and it was gradually recovery. Abigail wants Elizabeth out of the photo, so she can have John all to herself. Abigail doesn’t understand when to stop; now the court is eyeing Elizabeth. John dislikes the court and now they are examining his other half. John was trying to prevent difficulty with the court. Now they know his name and he fears that all the fact will come out.

He realizes that Elizabeth is excellent and Abigail is bad. John Proctor shows that he cares about Elizabeth and wishes to save her. He understands the genuine fact behind Abigail’s the accusation. John is completely over Abigail and understands that Elizabeth is innocent. John dislikes the court and forbids them to know about the affair. He attempts whatever in his heart to save Elizabeth, however absolutely nothing works. At the end, he recognizes that in order to conserve Elizabeth he will need to face his fears and put down the truth. While he is collected with the court, he reveals “Trembling, his life collapsing about him: I have actually known her, sir.

I have known her” (Miller 102). He confesses to the court his sin of adultery. If the courts learn about the affair, then they will realize why Abigail implicated Elizabeth. John is in love with Elizabeth and wants to conserve her at all costs. John listened to his conscience and did what was right. It shows that John has actually ended up being a real male by risking his life to save another. It is clear to see that John is not listening to his gut, but rather going with his heart. He informs the reality and accepts the effects that will come. He would rather die attempting than to not try at all. Proctor tries to eliminate the court in order to save his wife.

In the end the tables are turned and he gets implicated of witchcraft. In order to conserve his life and everybody’s life, Proctor has to admit to witchcraft. In order to do this, he needs to sign his name to the devil. John Proctor initially attempts to compose his name, however recognizes he is not able to. He rips the paper up in front of the court and states, “Due to the fact that it is my name! Due to the fact that I can not have another in my life! Because I lie and sign myself to lies!” (Miller 133). John does not wish to lose the power of his name. If he signed his name to the devil he would never have the ability to be proud of himself.

If he has children, he does not desire them to be embarrassed of their name. John Proctor does not want to lose his dignity in life. It will be a worthless life having no self-respect. In order to make peace with himself and god, he stands up for himself. This reveals that Proctor has pride in himself. He stands up for what is right. John discards all the opportunity to live, so he can pass away in harmony. He would rather pass away with a name than without one. In conclusion many individuals were impacted by witchcraft. The witchcraft trials were getting out of control and lots of innocent individuals were dying.

John Proctor tried to stay away, but once his better half was accused he attempted whatever to save her. John Proctor attempted to stop the madness and restore what’s right. He tried to be sincere and save his partner. He listened to his heart and faced his fears. He also gained pride in himself by saving his name and self-respect. Despite the fact that John passes away, he dies in peace because he stood up for what was right. In life it is necessary to defend what they believe in. This shows confidence and self-confidence is essential to be successful in life. John develops self-confidence in himself, which enables him to be honest, listen to his heart, and have pride in himself.

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