The Crucible and Abigail Williams

The Crucible and Abigail Williams

The Crucible Essay If you are truthful in the very first location, it results in less problems; however if you lie it leads to a disaster. In the novel The Crucible by Arthur Miller, the characters lie and tell the fact, however lying is what gets the neighborhood of Salem into problem. Many people in Salem tell the reality, and their honesty enables some tension to decrease. But when the main character, Abigail Williams, lies about the Salem community tampering with witchcraft, her lies ends up being a disaster. In general, in The Crucible and life, it is better to be honest because a small lie can develop into a bigger one.

When the neighborhood of Salem informs the fact, their honesty enables some stress to decrease. Among the characters in the unique, Mary Warren, states “Let you ask Susanna Walcott- she saw me sewin’ it in court. Or much better still: Ask Abby, Abby sat next to me when I made it” (Page 80). Mary’s sincere allowed Elizabeth Proctor proof of not practicing with witchcraft or voodoo. The needle inside the doll was just stuck in there for safety functions, not for practicing witchcraft. Being that Mary Warren made the doll, she launches some tension by informing the court and judges that it was an accident.

Another example of the Salem neighborhood displaying sincerity is when Proctor admits to foreignacating with Abigail Williams. When Proctor informs Judge Danforth of his lechery, it does not allow Abigail to blackmail him anymore. Although, when he admits to Danforth it just releases a percentage of tension caused by lies. Abigail Williams continuously lies about the people of Salem being witches, and her lies end up being a disaster. When Betty, a character in the novel, gets ill, Abigail yells “I saw Goody Sibber with the Devil! … I saw Goody Hawkins with the Devil! I saw Goody Cubicle with the Devil!” (Page 51). While Abigail shouts these individuals’ names, other girls start to yell with her. None of individuals she and the other ladies called experimented witchcraft. Sadly, these innocent individuals later on die due to the fact that of Abigail’s lies. Another lie that ends up being a catastrophe is when Abigail says “Oh, Please, Mary! This is a black art to alter your shape. No, I can not, I can not stop my mouth; it’s God’s work I do.” (Page 120). Abigail’s lie turns into a catastrophe when she tells the judges Mary is harming her by performing witchcraft.

Abigail’s vengeance towards Mary causes her to lie and that triggers issues. Her lies likewise conclude in the death of many people. Honesty results in led issues, while lying leads to disaster. In the novel The Crucible by Arthur Miller, the people are sometimes sincere, but their honesty is what gets the community of Salem into trouble. In Salem, sincerity permits stress to reduce. But the primary character lies and she creates a big disaster. In the unique, as well as life, it is constantly better to inform the truth due to the fact that a little lie can always build up to be a bigger lie.

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