The Count of Monte Cristo -Betrayal

The Count of Monte Cristo -Betrayal

Betrayal: Edmond Dantes The unique entitled, The Count of Monte Cristo was composed by Alexander Dumas. The story begins throughout the eighteenth century and takes place in the country of France. The environment is within the taking a trip adventures of males embarking on a ship called the Pharoan. The lead character is presented by the author as being, Edmond Dantes. This character is relatively described as being an incredibly trustworthy and really naive boy. He is a vibrant sailor from Marseilles and is more or less positively destined to end up being the next captain of the ship.

While cruising abroad the ship named the Pharaon, the administering Captain LeClure dies of what was then known as brain fever. Dantes assumes the acting position of leader and leads the ship back to Marseilles. The ship-owner, Monsieur Morrel, is overwhelmingly charmed to find that such a young man had the eager ability and skill to have actually mastered such a job. Monsieur Morrel makes plans to bestow Edmond Dantes as the main captain of the Pharaon. However, unbeknownst to Dantes this has actually gotten himself four computing and conniving intense opponents.

These four characters within the story were kept in mind as Danglers, Ferdinand Cadarouse and at his own account Villefort. Henceforth, each of the 4 guys jointly betrayed Edmond Dantes for their own self-centered factors. However, Gerard de Villefort the prosecutor eventually betrayed Edmond Dantes the most. As an illustration, betrayal is a conscious act of disloyalty and deceit on another person. In essence, the dualism the author shows they carried out unfaithful pretenses to exploit an innocent party. These characters generally executed false information to mislead and discredit Dantes character.

Through misleading means they destroyed the appealing life of a boy. They overlooked Dantes as an individual and displayed no love, trust or compassion. Overall, revealing incorrect information and misleading disingenuousness they were able to acquire self-fulfillment and the destruction of a person’s life. These aspects added to the psychological battle of disputes in which deeply scar Edmond Dantes. “Dantes travelled through all the various stages of misery that affect a forgotten and forsaken prisoner in his cell.

First there was Pride born of hope and a consciousness of innocence; he was so decreased he started to question innocence; finally his pride gave way to entreaty, yet it was not God he hoped to, for that is the last resource, but guy.” (78) He subsequently lost the female he liked to his good friend Ferdinand and status of becoming captain on the ship and his total self-esteem and human self-respect had actually destroyed. The author communicated many acts of conservation, jealousy, hatred and treachery Towards the character, Edmond Dantes.

Danglers position as a shipmate, he himself sought the position of captain nevertheless the vibrant and brand-new sailor Edmond Dantes was more appreciated. Danglers became precariously jealous of Dantes. Danglers was referenced in the book as” a male of twenty five or twenty 6, of unprepossessing countenance, obsequious to his superiors, insolent to his subordinates; and besides the truth that he was the purser– and pursers are always unpopular on board– he was personally as much disliked by the crew as Edmond Dantes was beloved by them. Such mindsets outraged Danglers particularly because Dantes had made full marks from the ship owner, Monsieur Morel. Morel had mentioned “It seems to me that the sailor requires not to be so old to understand his organisation; our good friend Edmond seems to comprehend it completely, and need no direction from anyone.” Danglers were sneaky and are not keen on the ship owner’s perspective but he concurs in fiery. His existence, and underhandedly begins to talk strongly versus his shipmate, finding faults to disclaim his position as a great captain.

In spite of the cold hearted qualities in Danglers he nevertheless is not the ultimate backstabber. Danglers had actually made his position obvious throughout the story, his covetousness was no surprise. Ferdinand the co -conspirator conscious of the circumstance that was on a rise, delighted in the Pre wedding celebration with the mindset of having Edmond put behind bars. Ferdinand suggested one day Mercedes will be his other half. “They had barely gone a hundred lawns when they perceived the little bridal party approaching … Ferdinand walked behind, using an evil smile.

Neither Edmond nor Mercedes noticed this smile. They were so pleased that they had eyes just for each other, and for the beautiful blue sky whence they wished for the blessing of their union. “( 33) With this in mind, Danglers and Ferdinand undoubtedly conspired to have Dantes wrongfully put behind bars for being a Bonapartist. In other words, Dantes was accused of being an individual that intended to bring back the French Empire by assisting Napoleon Bonaparte the previous King of France.

Although the latter, Caderousse was innocent of in fact taking part in the proficiency plan he understood the ugly conspiracy and he simply stayed quiet. “So far whatever is succeeding splendidly, Danglers stated to him. I am currently momentary captain, and if that fool Caderousse can be convinced to hold his tongue, I shall soon have the task for great and all. “( 39) Frequently betrayal lead to conflict within relationships. In the story while the lead character was accused of treason a dreadful act towards one’s nation. It was a situation where one will normally end in life jail time or death.

The decision was left to the district attorney Villefort to determine his innocence’s. “I believe you informed me the reality, was Ville forts response, and if you have actually been guilty it is through imprudence an, imprudence justified by your captains orders. Hand me the letter that was offered to you at Elba, provide me your word of honor that you will appear …, you might rejoin your pals. “( 51) The prosecutor has a task to evaluate the findings in the case and justify his verdict. Villefort discovered the case versus Edmond Dantes to have actually been fallacious. Perhaps you have no enemies, however you may have aroused feelings of jealousy” (48) Gerard de Villefort, at first was referred to as a candid prosecutor however switches on Dantes to protect his household’s track record. He had the ability to topple these false acquisitions however due to the findings in the event he enabled Edmond to be wrongly sent to prison. “Wait a moment, the deputy stated as Dantes was taking his hat and gloves. To whom was it addressed? To Monsieur Noirtier, Rue Coq Heron, Paris. “( 50) This was the most despicable act of each of the characters. In contrast, treason is among the most rowdy human occurrences.

It is not just disappointing however also scarring. Consequently, in the unique there were numerous acts of prevarication, and treachery towards Edmond Dantes. Nevertheless, seeing as though Villefort understood the phony ramifications that had actually been brought upon Dantes, it was his responsibility to set him free. In spite of the details concerning his dad the Bonopartist. It was clear by Edmond Dantes position he was uninformed of Monsieur Noirtier relations to Villefort and would not have been of any threat. Villefort was the supreme betrayer. Works Cited Dumas, Alexander. The Count of Monte Christo. New York City: Barnes and Nobles

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