The Count of Monte Cristo Is a story Mainly Interested in Themes of Hope, Justice, Vengeance, Mercy, and Forgiveness.

The Count of Monte Cristo is an experience story mainly interested in themes of hope, justice, vengeance, mercy and forgiveness. It concentrates on a man who is wrongfully put behind bars, escapes from jail, gets a fortune and goes about getting revenge on those responsible for his jail time. Nevertheless, his plans have ravaging repercussions for the innocent along with the guilty.

The movie digs on a society of conspiracy and injustices. It likewise focused on in between the abundant and the bad individuals can or can not do when it comes to influence and power.

As a result, it tells us the price we have to pay for being innocent and ignorant. Education is indeed really crucial for everyone. Furthermore, it connects to education as the source of man’s liberation. In the beginning of the story, we meet Edmond Dantes. He stumbles upon as a design of honesty, ability, and innocence. He is a good-hearted and God-fearing person, a sailor who had an intense future ahead at the moment he’s locked up: he was about to be promoted and to marry the female he enjoyed so very much.

However sadly, he has actually been betrayed by his own pal called, Ferdinand Mondego and later on takes his fiancé Mercedes as his own wife. Edmond Dantes was the victim of an unfortunate coincidence, due to the fact that of lack of education, he doesn’t know how to check out and compose, thus, he wasn’t able to know what the letter is everything about which was then a strategy of disobedience by Bonaparte. He then was dealt with in a scenario he never ever anticipated to come into his easy living.

It informs us how important education is to our lives. It is difficult to be uneducated. We need to discover for us to grow and to develop ourselves. Therefore, Dantes suffered excessive pain at the Chateau d’If specifically from his anniversaries severe penalties of ropes being struck on him on his back, and I actually feel very sorry for him, as if I wish to be there and show his innocence because he really is. Inside that hell, which was called by Dantes, Edmond practically lost his trust to God.

But whenever he saw the carvings of the jail wall, stating “God will provide me justice”, he gets his hope up. That line seems to be extremely inspiring and has plenty of support, and the hope it offered keeps Edmond Dantes alive. But time comes that Edmund lost his trust to God because he awaited so long however there’s no God who pertained to conserve him. He believed that God was never there in those times he needed his buddy and was never a God of justice.

Thus, he never thought in God as if God never existed. Up until one person made him believe in God, and that individual is Abbe Faria- a priest. The priest is actually like an angel sent out from heaven by God. He actually assisted Dantes a lot. He taught Dantes how to read, write and combat and much of all knowledge the priest knew. It was actually amusing on the part when they practice fencing and then Dantes was harmed and he complained to the priest and the priest stated “I’m a priest not a saint”.

This is how Edmond becomes the Count, a male with a dazzling mind, smart; with possessions that give him a brand-new life, and starts his vengeance to those people who betrayed him and suffered him difficulties in jail that even lead him to death. The story is somehow associated to El Filibusterismo and Noli Me Tangere. I observed similarities in them: Ibarra’s abduction and jail time and the undying love for Maria Clara in Noli Me Tangere, and his camouflage as Simoun and revenge in El Filibusterismo.

Rizal must have a good time reading Alexander Dumas’ obra genius. In this film, I heard the most admiring line about believing in God. The priest said to Dantes, “You don’t believe in God, He thinks in you”. That line was truly inspiring. This advises us that even in some way many hindrances, difficulties and issues that may come and that we may experience daily, we must find out to stand up, have the will to endure in this sort of world that has plenty of trials in life and have the strength to hold on and defend our right to have freedom. God is great certainly!

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