The Character Of Mice And Men Lennie

The Character Of Mice And Male Lennie

Have you ever read Of Mice and Male by John Steinbeck? If so, you most likely remember Lennie, George’s buddy. Throughout the novel, Lennie and George imagine having their own farm. They deal with a cattle ranch to save money for their dream farm. Lennie is a huge, strong, man with rounded functions. He is at times really forgetful, preoccupied, and one-dimensional.

To start with, Lennie is greatly forgetful. In the beginning of the novel, Lennie kept asking George where they were going (Steinbeck 4). One character, Crooks, makes the most of his forgetfulness. Due to the fact that Lennie would forget anything Criminals informed him, he was alleviated he could talk with someone without stressing over him telling any person else. He often forgot what George informed him not to do, like talk and even take a look at Curley’s spouse.

Of Mice And Male Lennie

Next to being absent-minded, Lennie is preoccupied for an excellent part of the novel. He is unaware of what he’s doing sometimes until he has done it. For instance, he enjoyed to pet soft objects. While living in Weed, he was “petting” a lady’s gown and the woman began to yell (Steinbeck 11).

Lennie didn’t know what he was doing wrong. When Lennie was provided a young puppy, he unintentionally killed it due to the fact that he was too rough with it. Ultimately, he would eliminate Curley’s partner too by breaking her neck when informed he could pet her hair. Again, Lennie did not understand what he was doing wrong until it was done.

Throughout the novel, there is truly just one thing on Lennie’s mind, tending to the rabbits once he and George had their farm. After Scoundrels was done telling Lennie his youth story, Lennie asks a question about bunnies (Steinbeck 70). This is an example of Lennie having only one thing on his mind. After killing his puppy and Curley’s partner, all he was worried about was George not letting him tend to the bunnies.

In conclusion, Lennie ended up having to crave what he did to Curley’s wife. Lennie being absent-minded, unaware, and one-dimensional was a genuine problem for George. Lennie was psychologically handicap, however offered his scenario and setting, he really had no aid or sympathy for his special needs. He was treated as typical although he wasn’t.

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