The Catcher in the Rye Review

The Catcher in the Rye Evaluation

The Catcher in the Rye Evaluation Sheet -Jane Gallagher: A girl Holden used to spend a great deal of time with one summer when their households were neighbors in Maine. She is necessary to Holden because she is one of the couple of women he can find attractive and connect to. -Allie Caulfield: Holden’s more youthful brother who died of leukemia three years earlier. He was smart, red-headed, and friendly. Holden is still struggling with Allie’s death. -Phoebe Caulfield: Holden’s 10 year old sibling who he enjoys a lot. She listens and comprehends Holden more than anybody.

She is intelligent, cool, a great dancer, and Holden appreciates her innocence. She acknowledges that Holden is his own reason for seclusion. -Mrs. Caulfield: Holden’s mom who is still worried and struggling with Allie’s death. -Holden Caulfield: The primary character and storyteller of the book. He is a 16 years of age junior and he was expelled for failing Pencey Prep despite the fact that he is intelligent and delicate. He constantly discovers the negativity of the world around him and he tries to safeguard himself from the discomfort of the adult years. He separates himself from the rest of the world and declines to reach out. -Mr.

Antolini: Holden’s old English teacher at Elkton Hills High School, and now he teaches at NYU. He is young, smart, and likeable. Holden appreciates him and goes to him for suggestions. He began petting Holden’s head while he was sleeping, so Holden leaves and translates this in a homosexual method. -D. B. Caulfield: Holden’s older sibling who is a screenwriter in Hollywood. He was a prostitute according to Holden because he offered out his fantastic skill for writing in Hollywood. He was Holden’s favorite author. He used to be in the army for WWII. -Mr. Spencer: Holden’s history instructor at Pencey Prep.

He is old and ill. He attempts to lead Holden to the ideal scholastic path, however it is not successful. -Carl Luce: He is among the most intelligent people Holden understands because of his knowledge in sex. He was Holden’s student advisor at the Whooton School, and now he goes to Columbia. They drink at the Wicker Bar and attempt to have a conversation about sex. However, he informs Holden how immature he is and how he should get psychiatric aid. -Sally Hayes: According to Holden, she is an appealing, foolish girl who he used to date for a very long time. He believed she was extremely fake.

He goes out on a date with her, but his quirks make him insult her and then she chooses she wishes to be far from Holden. -Mrs. Morrow: An attractive lady who Holden fulfills on a train. He found out that she was the mother of Ernest, the most significant bastard that ever went to Pencey, however he decides to entertain her by lying about how her son is very popular. -Sunny: A young prostitute Holden employs then declines. She required a ten dollar payment although Holden though it was only 5 dollars. -James Castle-He went to Elkton Hills and stated something about this guy so his good friends beat him.

Rather of taking it back, he committed suicide by leaping out of a window while he was wearing Holden’s turtleneck sweater. -Maurice: The elevator operator at Edmont Hotel. He arranged the prostitute for Holden. He informed Holden it was 5 dollars, but he desires 10 dollars. So, he beats Holden even after he got the money. -Ackley: Lives in the space beside Holden’s. He is bothersome, ill-mannered and has bad health. -Stradlater: Holden’s roomie and Pencey Prep. He is attractive and popular, however he’s privately a slob. Holden gets mad at him for going out with Jane.

Symbols: Be able to determine and understand the significance of the following signs: 1. The Duck Pond in Central Park: The duck ponds in main park symbolize Holden’s confusion towards growing up. The duck ponds being partly frozen and partially not frozen describe Holden’s in between state of being a child and an adult. Holden questions if the ducks fly away on their own or if somebody saves them since he does not know if somebody will assist him through their adult years or if he will have to be all on his own. He is stuck in between and does not understand where he belongs. 2. Holden’s Red Searching Hat:

Holden’s red hunting hat symbolizes security and uniqueness. Holden feels safeguarded while using the hat due to the fact that it makes him different from everyone else. But, he doesn’t wear the hat out in public too much because he feels awkward about it. Holden utilizes the hat as a tool to shield and isolate himself from the remainder of the world. It likewise represents Holden’s struggles to find his real identity. 3. The Museum of Natural History The Museum of Natural History signifies Holden’s worry of maturing. The screens appeal to him since it’s frozen, easy, and imperishable.

Holden dislikes how whenever he visits the museum, there’s something different about him. Holden is afraid of change and he thinks about an easy world in which he is the “catcher” in so that kids would never ever change. 4. Allie’s Baseball Mitt: The mitt symbolizes Holden’s love for Allie and his distinct, friendly character. It had actually poems composed all over it in green ink since he would read them when he got tired on the ball park. 5: Windows: The windows symbolized Holden’s requirement for social interaction. He would see strangers through the window due to the fact that it made him feel less depressed and lonely.

The windows served as a barrier, not enabling Holden to communicate and fraternize the world. Holden wishes to watch the world rather than participate in it, however he needs social interaction in order to live a healthy life. 6. Curse Words: “fuck” Menstruation words signify Holden’s feeling towards kids losing their innocence. He sees these curse words in a school and museum and he seems like eliminating the individual that wrote them. Holden has a worry of kids being exposed to anything in the adult world that would hurt their innocence due to the fact that his goal to protect children’s purity. Carousel The carousel symbolizes Holden’s understanding of how children require to grow up. He views Phoebe on the carousel and he hesitates that she would fall while she’s grabbing the rings, however he understands that he requires to let her fall. This associates with Holden’s worry of Phoebe growing up. He understands that kids need to learn from themselves and he can not save children from maturing because it is impossible. Themes: Recognize and explain the following styles: 1) Seclusion vs. need for social interaction: 2) Phoniness of the adult world:) Innocence/purity: 4) Maturing: 5) Depression: Know the following terms: -Apostrophe (How does Salinger utilize it?) -Voyeurism (“Window Watchers” short article): -“Phony” (have the ability to provide an example of something/someone Holden calls phony) Holden uses the word “fake” to explain individuals that are insincere, not real, pompous, and self-centered. An example of somebody phony is Mr. Haas. He believes Mr. Haas is a counterfeit since he always stood outside of the school charmingly shaking parents’ hands forecasting a picture of authority and perfection.

However if he saw a kid with amusing looking parents, he would judge and neglect them. Holden dislikes people who act a specific way just to please others and he likewise dislikes when people judge based on appearance. Holden does not believe Phoebe is bogus due to the fact that she has this pureness and innocence in her that he wishes to preserve. Unlike grownups, he feels that kids do not trigger any threat due to the fact that they are genuine and remain real to themselves. He feels that kids are a lot simpler than adults are, so he does not consider them phony. -Bildungsroman -Pragmatics

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