The Catcher In The Rye: Questions Basis

The Catcher In The Rye: Concerns Basis

Where did Holden go to school?
Pencey Prep
What was Holden’s bro D.B. doing at the time?
Working in Hollywood composing motion pictures
What did Holden leave on the subway?
Fencing devices
What was the only class that Holden passed during the grading period?
What did Mr. Spencer make Holden read to him?
His Egyptian essay-paper-exam thing
What kind of hat did Holden buy in New york city?
A red searching cap
Explain Ackley.
High, bothersome, fidgety, unhygenic
How did Holden know Stradlater’s date, Jane Gallagher?
They utilized to live near each other and hung out over the summer season, Holden actually liked her.
What did Holden write a structure about?
His brother Allie’s baseball glove
What did Holden finish with the structure?
He ripped it up
Why did Holden do what he did to his structure?
Stradlater didn’t like it, he was frustrated due to the fact that he was supposed to write about a space
Why did Stradlater punch Holden?
Holden would not stop speaking about Jane and kept calling him an idiot and insulting him
Where did Holden go immediately after the fight?
Ackley’s room
When does Holden say, “Sleep tight, ya morons!”?
Right prior to he leaves Pencey
How does Holden get to New York?
By train
How does Holden lie about Ernie Morrow to his mother?
He informs her that Ernie’s a good kid which he’s popular
What type of operation does Holden tell Mrs. Morrow that he has to have?
One to get rid of a brain growth
What does Holden very first want to do when he gets to Penn Station?
Call somebody
What does Holden see out of the hotel window?
People in their windows, weirdos/perverts
Why does Holden call Faith Cavendish?
He wanted a girl to come over
What does Holden admire about the blonde (of the 3 girls) in the bar?
She was an excellent dancer
Who were the 3 girls looking for in the bar?
Film stars, Peter Lorre
Holden remembers a summertime with Jane and the time he kissed her when she was sobbing. Why was she weeping?
Her stepfather
When Holden asks Horowitz the cab driver about ducks in the pond, what does Horowitz speak about rather?
The fish in the pond
How old is Sunny?
“Old enough to know much better”
What reason does Holden give her for decreasing?
He had an operation on his “clavichord”
Why does Maurice enter into Holden’s space?
He says Holden owes Bright five more dollars when Holden really owes him nothing
Why does Maurice punch Holden?
Holden would not offer him the money and he called him a moron
Why does Holden choose not to take his own life?
He didn’t want a lot of “rubbernecks” taking a look at him
Why does Holden apologize to the 2 nuns?
He blew smoke in their faces
For whom does Holden buy a record?
Phoebe, Little Shirley Beans
After they see a play and go skating, what does Holden ask Sally to do?
He asks her to run away with him and get wed
What does Holden call Sunny?
A royal annoyance
Where does Holden go to consume time before he satisfies Carl Luce?
Radio City Music Hall (the motion pictures)
What does Holden wish to talk with Carl Luce about (Luce calls “a typical Holden Caulfield conversation”)?
His sex life, relationships with girls
What does Carl Luce advise to Holden?
A psychoanalyst
Who does Holden call from the bar?
Where does he address the end of the chapter?
His home
In whose space did Phoebe sleep?
D.B.’s space
Why did Phoebe struck Holden?
She learnt he got tossed out of Pencey
When Phoebe asks Holden what he likes, what does he inform her he does like?
Allie, their sibling that passed away
Why did James Castle jump out the window at Elkton Hills?
Bullies were coming for him due to the fact that he would not reclaim something he said about one of the bullies
Holden tells Phoebe that he wants to be a “catcher in the rye.” What does he imply by this?
He wants to secure kids from losing their innocence
What are Holden and Phoebe doing right before his mom gets house?
Dancing and talking
What does Phoebe do that makes Holden weep prior to he leaves?
She tries to give him her Christmas cash ($8.65)
Mr. Antolini informs Holden that he is headed for a fall. What does he indicate by this?
Holden is trying to do something that’s impossible
What does Mr. Antolini tell Holden that will assist him?
An academic education, “The mark of the immature male is that he wants to pass away nobly for a cause, while the mark of a fully grown man is that he wishes to live humbly for one.”
What exactly did Holden awaken to discover Mr. Antolini doing?
Patting his head
Where does Holden sleep?
The waiting space in Grand Central Station
Why does Holden go to Phoebe’s school?
He wants to inform Phoebe where to meet him so he can bid farewell
Where does Holden wait on Phoebe?
The Museum of Art
What is Phoebe riding at the end of the chapter?
A carousel
The book ens with Holden stating, “Don; t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you begin missing out on everyone.” Quickly discuss what you believe he indicates by this.
You include indicating to individuals in your life with every piece of yourself that you reveal to them

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