the Catcher in the Rye Holden’s journey and Maslow’s pyramid

the Catcher in the Rye Holden’s journey and Maslow’s pyramid

Vanna, Qing Dec. 9th Monday ms. swift the Catcher in the Rye Holden’s journey and Maslow’s pyramid The Catcher in the Rye is an unique written by J. D, Salinger with the theme of conserving children’s innocence. The book reminds people to focus on and think about children’s thoughts and struggles. Why does Holden think about humanity more than his research study or any other things in the book? What does Holden need most? I think we can make a connection with Maslow’s pyramid, which explains different needs in various stages of human growth. Maslow believes that once the basic eeds(such as sleep, food, etc.) have been fulfilled, individuals can carry on to the next level. In the book we can see that when Holden feels extremely hungry or tired or not healthy, he does not consider things much as normal, however, still a lot. And sometime he even gets utilized to consume little for a very long time, sleep deprived(particularly after he takes a trip to New york city), or hurt himself(for example, Holden broke his hands by beating windows at the night he understood Allie died). So I believe, There are three things that Holden needs most in order to move on in his journey to become a self-actualizing adult.

The very first one is he needs to listen to his inner guide, and be figured out to follow it. Through the book, we can see although Holden realizes the huge issue– people losing their great qualities, he only has two sort of reactions in basic. One is feeling depressed and much more depressed, another is hoping and dreaming a really ideal, ideal world. Besides, he considers a new one at the end of the book–“The important things with kids is, if they wish to grab for the gold ring, you need to let them do it, and not state anything. If they fall off, they fall off, however it’s bad if you say anything to them. (P211) He thinks he can secure children a little bit however the it is just like the protection from his hunting hat– is ineffective and he gets socked anyhow in a rainy day. Finally, he stops struggling. But, do you believe “people losing their good qualities” is a good thing? Never, and Holden knows that. In fact, what the environment shows to you not essential to be real, so in my view, Holden should keep listening to his inner guide and do not quit having a hard time. However, I recommend he must recognize one point–“Nothing is outright. “

Holden thinks things constantly so absolute(we can persevere great deals of comments he gives). Things go should like that, no other possibility. He is such an extremist that if one action can not have a quick and perfect results or influences, then it is simply not beneficial to work for at all. I believe he should understand that effort can make things better. Mom Teresa as soon as said “I alone can not change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to develop many ripples.” so even if only a bit effort, we still can let it more possible to progress.

In a word, I believe it could help him move forward to his journey if he keeps respecting to his inner voice and improving his approaches. Besides, he needs to be supported by more individuals, in other words, he requires to receive more favorable energy. Holden feels so isolated that he wants to jump out of windows several times when he stays alone in a dark room. I believe that’s because he can barely discover a person that is “on his side”. The world around him and himself are separated and he can’t speak to others efficiently. For example, Holden hinks sex must only happen in between 2 people who care deeply about each other(psychological connection) while others simply take it really casual. Truthfully, Holden do have some positive energy resources in his life, such as Mr. Antolini, old spencer, Phoebe, however this is too little, specifically for Holden who is an extremely sensitive guy. Battle alone all the way is quite hard, so I think he requires more individuals support and help him be more identified about his ideas. Getting positive energy from others can assist him end up being a self-actualizing adult. He requires the sensation of being someone’s hero.

According to his dream of being a catcher in the rye, I can see he wants to be protective and be somebody’s hero. However in his life, he nearly isn’t be needed by anyone(neither his schools or his football group) he hesitates of just being disappeared suddenly with no one pay any attention on him. In fact, I believe one of the reasons why Holden feels so happy and comfy when he stays with Phoebe is he recognizes Phoebe needs him and he could be her hero. Phoebe can understand nearly everything Holden speak to her or others, which suggests he might talk with her successfully and pass through his ideas to her.

Besides, Holden recognizes that he is her only elder bro after Allie’s death, he feels he has the duty to take care of his young little sister. He feels the time that he invests with Phoebe is extremely comfortable and significant. So I think he requires the sensation of being someone’s hero to become a self-actualizing adult. Keep listening his inner voice, receive more favorable energy and be someone’s hero– these are the three that I think might assist Holden most to move forward in his journey to end up being a self-actualizing adult. Really I believe he could assist himself to get these requirements.

Brodi Ashton as soon as said “Heroes are made by the courses they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” Different environment makes a great deals of difference, nevertheless, you can pick to wait for the day the environment might change, or you can select to adjust the method you observe the world to “change” the environment. I believe Holden can be more initiative to observe more lovely things in his life in order to support and encourage himself. Pick the paths you like and expect, make the change on your own. Work Pointed out: 1. The Catcher in the Rye– J. D. Salinger

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