The Catcher in the Rye Essay

The Catcher in the Rye Essay

As every adolescent ends up being older they seek for their ain uniqueness. which is crucial for their personal development. In the novel. The Catcher in the Rye the writer JD Salinger explores this problem. The Catcher in the Rye is a narrative about a dying teen called Holden Caufield who is combating to occur his individuality and is pressed with numerous teenage concerns such as the impulse to occur and has issue stoping relationship’s. Holden Caufield state his narrative in very first person in a spread signifier of watercourse of awareness. which takes the reader through his adventuresome and unstructured life.

Through Holden’s diverse experiences. the writer explores the concerns of relationships. individualism and childhood and how enthusiastic it is for some individuals to conveniently fit into society. It is apparent in Holden unpredictable behaviour towards grown-ups that he works set uping solid relationships with other individuals. There are legion times in the novel were Holden has actually striked up conversation with random individuals simply since he is lonesome and has no other relationships with anyone else. Holden feels as if he needs to lie to keep his discussions stimulated.

This causes his relationships with other people to be unstable and focused on a “fake” individual. An illustration of this is when Holden satisfies Ernest’s female moms and dad. Mrs. Morrow on the train. “Then I really started hiting the old dirt around (pg48)” Holden does non talk the truth to Mrs. Morrow one time in there hole discussion but yet still wishes to preserve the conversation traveling on longer. “C’mon expression me. why do not you? I took pleasure in holding her (pg 51)” This quotation mark symbolizes how the author JD Salinger has identified to the reader that Holden is fighting with his ain individuality and because of this he is looking for to be individual that he is non.

This is doing him to hold a fantastic trade of problem holding a strong relationship with other people. Throughout the novel. Holden claims to value individualism and declines everybody else around him because he believes that they are “fake.” Holden is invariably seting each down around him. This peculiarly evident when Holden is at his previous school. Pency. All of Holden’s “so called” friends he has at Pency are appeared to be fake and phony when genuinely Holden is non being his real ego.

He besides was sort of a horrible cat. I wasn’t exceedingly brainsick about him. to state you the fact (pg17)” these quote marks reveal that Holden is two dealt with and he rejects any person with there ain personal sentiment. JD Salinger has made Holden out to be a dissembler as he disrespects anybody with there ain individuality however yet does non hold any individual uniqueness at all. Holden is really mercenary and believes cash is a way out of any task. Through Holden’s individualism he is seeking to happen his topographic point in society. whether it is through school at Pency or out in New york city

Throughout the book. Holden ever retreats to his youth as a header mechanism for what is really go oning in the existent universe. Holden worths youth throughout the novel. as it was the lone clip in his life was he felt safe. Holden’s childhood is one of the most of import subject in the unique as it is the lone part were the reader can understand Holden and experience a sense of commiseration for him. Holden childhood was the lone topographic point were he was his true ego and with the aid of Phoebe. his younger sister in which he appreciates and is the lone individual he can be his real ego about.

I really wanted to see old Phoebe before I struck the path (pg 184)” This quotation mark shows that Holden genuinely cares about Phoebe. as she is the last individual he wanted to see. Phoebe is the only thing that advises him of his childhood and the artlessness of everything. which so comforts him. Overall Holden values childhood the most as he can be advised of the true Holden. non the Holden that is looking for to show up in a mercenary and phony universe. Youth is the only thing that Holden can escape to when he is holding problem fitting in to society.

JD Salinger talks about many different subjects during the unique The Catcher in the Rye to communicate taking care of the reader simply how difficult it is for people to turn up in society as a distressed teen. Holden suffers tasks with his relationships. youth and individualism doing the reader to believe universally about these various subjects. The Catcher in the Rye is an eye-opening book that brings taking care of the reader that striplings and showing up in the modern society can be actually disputing at times in your life.

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