The Catcher In The Rye Dead Poets Soci

The Catcher In The Rye Dead Poets Soci

The Catcher in the Rye/the Dead Poets Society The Catcher in the Rye/The Dead Poets Society Holden Caufield, storyteller and main character in The Catcher in the Rye, is a boy maturing, searching for who he is and what he wishes to be in life. Holden wishes to escape the conformity and others expectations. He came from a relatively rich family whose moms and dads are estranged in such a way. John Keating, a brand-new English trainer played by Robin Williams in The Dead Poets Society, utilizes bold mentor techniques to inspire his students. This triggers his students to rebel gainst school and adult norms. Could a teacher like Keating with his un-uniformed mentor methods use Holden’s capacity? In this essay I will argue that he could not. Holden Caufield is a troubled boy, alienating himself from his peers and the world around him. He likewise handles to get tossed out of prep school for the 3rd time. I think Holden failing every class other than English is not due to an absence of intelligence, but a method of rebelling against the expectations of others and preventing becoming like everybody else. He feels the majority of people are phony, yet in a way Holden is a phony likewise.

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, “Phoniness is described as artificial, counterfeit, or hypocritical.” These are all actions displayed by Holden at numerous times throughout the book. Phony is among the words greatly utilized by Holden to describe the actions of others, however not himself. Prior to judging others he ought to take a look at himself to evaluate his faults. Throughout all the encounters with various people in the book he is easily the phoniest of all the characters. For instance, he states terrible aspects of individuals such as Ackley, yet still wishes to be around and hang out with Ackley.

Claiming dislike for another person while all at once behaving like a pal is a bogus characteristic. Also, he stresses his hate for movies, yet discusses capturing a film every possibility he gets. He even acts out his own motion picture scenes. Holden exhibits psychotic actions throughout the book that could be described as insanity. He knows he has ended up being mad and even tells himself this a number of times in the book, but I do not think he truly thinks it. Holden shows this madness when he states, “However I’m insane I swear to God I am. About halfway to the bathroom, I tarted pretending I had a bullet in my guts. Old Maurice had plugged me. Now I was on the method to the bathroom to get an excellent shot of bourbon or something to consistent my nerves and assist me really enter into action. I envisioned myself coming out of the goddam bathroom … with my automated in my pocket, and staggering a bit. Then I ‘d stroll downstairs … couple floors-holding on to my guts, blood leaking all over the location … As soon as old Maurice opened the doors he ‘d … begin screaming at me … But I ‘d plug him anyway.” (Salinger 135-6).

It’s not surprising that in my mind that in the end he wound up in a sanitarium. Present day medical diagnoses in my eyes would be Post Terrible Stress Disorder (PTSD). I think that this was caused impart by his brother’s death and the withdraw of his family on the matter. Losing someone close to you in life can carry a big concern psychologically, especially at a young age like Holden. John Keating in The Dead Poets Society displays ideas and a spirit that deviate dramatically from the recognized school practices and norms. From the start he propagates an anti-authoritarian approach of life.

This mentor style rapidly mesmerizes his pupils and motivates them to step beyond their adult and peer forced standards to explore the world as they please. His very first class was more of a wakeup call than a lesson, focusing on “Carpe Diem– take the day.” Keating likewise encouraged his trainees to take threats, for nothing is gained without them. One might think Keating’s alternative teaching methods would acquire the trust of Holden, allowing him to highlight the capacity in Holden. However, I believe if Holden was one of Keating’s trainees he possibly would have gone crazier.

Holden would have considered Keating as his preferred instructor and bonded with the anti-authoritarian philosophy. In the Dead Poets Society Keating prompts his students to seize the day, which is sort of what Holden does when he goes off roaming the streets of New York after he gets kicked out of school. I believe Holden would have turned more defiant, like the character Charlie Dalton from The Dead Poets Society. Charlie’s motivation by Keating developed into vibrant acts in attempts to get himself kicked out of school. Holden was tossed out of school due to stopping working classes, but under the inspiration of Keating I think Holden ould have been kicked out due to acting out more significantly against persons of authority. In conclusion I think that Holden was insane and in requirement of a psychiatrist. Adding the motivation of a teacher like Keating to a currently bothered youth would have created a beast of unbearable force within Holden’s mind, leading him to his own demise. Work Cited Dead Poets Society. Dir. Peter Weir. 1998 Walt Disney Video, 1998. DVD “Phoniness” Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary– Eleventh edition Online, 2011. Web. 13 July 2011. Salinger J. D. The Catcher in the Rye. New York: Back Purchase Books, 2008, Print.

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