”The Catcher in the Rye” By Jerome David Salinger Essay Sample

“The Catcher in the Rye” By Jerome David Salinger Essay Sample

A immature man. Holden Caulfield. remains in a psychological facility where he is recovering from a recent mental dislocation. The full book is a flashback of the occasions that had actually led up to his emotional devastation. The flashback begins with Holden go forthing the embarkation school he had actually been go toing because of lacklustre classs. Holden had actually been sent to get oning school by his parents.

Holden throughout the whole unique varies from society which repercussions in his rebellious nature. Other kids non like him because Holden has a truly challenging clip covering with people that are non known to him. He feels that most people are hypocrites and finds it tough to open himself up to others. He is truly insecure every bit excellent as being truly immature. Holden does non hold any buddies and can non maintain relationships. This is due to the fact that he finds and exaggerates any negative element of all the people he understands or satisfies. This can be seen when Holden can non preserve his relationship with his girlfriend Sally.

Holden besides rebels due to the fact that he feels that all grownups are hypocrites. Holden believes that these hypocrites are people who attempt to be something that they are non. Typically. the grade of a hypocrite is the desire for material items. This is since people generally desire these ownerships in order to go something they are non and impress others. Holden calls other’s hypocrites however in truth. Holden is the most significant hypocrite in the novel. He abhors those who value material things but he himself prides his ownerships.

The supporter and storyteller of the book which is Holden. discovers himself disturbed with the society in which he lives. Throughout the unique he goes on a journey to happen himself. Holden is immature although he makes efforts to move as if he is mature. Holden can non accept those who value mercenary points and identifies themhypocrites. In all. Holden is hypocritical and it is potentially this characteristic that causes him to self-destruct.

The character Ohio Holden has lots of struggles with society. He suffers these battles because of his ain low self-pride. He doesn’t like and has dispute with people comparable to him. He has such high criterions for people. He bases these outlooks on his brother Allie’s illustration. To him Allie is such a remarkable person. Allie was truthful. artistic (poetic ). valuable. intelligent. and merely a good kid. “God. he was a nice kid. though.” Holden is especially beat with the following characters– D. B. for his philistinism. Stradlater. for his development of adult women. and Mr. Antolini’s intentions.

Holden reminds me of myself 2 old ages ago before I got the age of 20. I felt like I don’t like to be because age because it makes me older. The more I aged. the more duties I will be carrying and believing. I don’t want to be a 20 twelvemonth old woman because it’s a new degree of tasks and duty I’m traveling to face. And because of this brand-new stage or degree. I’m afraid of all those– I hesitate that I can’t manage all those responsibilities and undertaking since it takes threat and a batch of bravery. I still wish to be a teen– free spirited. carefree and holding or making tonss of merriment. Taking all those tasks is like confronting world– hereafter. calling and a batch more.

The major subject in The Catcher in the Rye is that of disaffection within a society that is gradually providing its value system for the interest of monetary addition. It is besides that of disaffection within a society that is conformist. where no 1 has the bravery to be real. honest. and various. Holden Caulfield is an only Rebel who is pushed away because he can non conform. Holden perceives his solitariness and seclusion and wants to disrupt the boundaries of his privacy by doing some signifier of human connexion. Unfortunately. all the people he connects to be unable to accept him. Holden is faced with rejection and rejection from all quarters. Throughout the book. Salinger stresses the need for interaction and communicating. which appear to be vanishing in the post-war America. J. D. Salinger presents an image of an untypical stripling male child in The Catcher in the Rye. Holden is far more than a distressed teen traveling through “a phase.” Undoubtedly Holden is an actually specific male kid with specific needs. He does not understand and doesn’t want to understand the universe around him. In truth most of the book details his guilty admittances of all the cognition he understands however wishes he didn’t. Though his artlessness sing issues of school. money. and gender.


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