The Catcher in the Rye and Igby Goes Down Present a Reflection of the Values of Their Societies. Analyse How the Composers of These Texts Explore This Idea.

The Catcher in the Rye and Igby Decreases Present a Reflection of the Values of Their Societies. Analyse How the Composers of These Texts Explore This Idea.J.

D Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye and Burr Steers representation, Igby Goes Down are two texts that present a comparable perspective towards the rejection of society’s worths, generally through themes. The 2 texts are of comparable nature and have unique similarities and differences. Similarities in between the texts consist of the rites of passage category, the styles and the ideas conveyed about individuals in society. Both composers check out the themes of the corruption of the American dream, loss of innocence and materialism through the primary idea of non-conformity.

There are also essential distinctions such as the context and media kinds of the two texts. There are likewise the particular literary and film methods which, while following the journeys of two defiant teens, offers the reader a much deeper connection to and understanding of the lead character, and in turn the purpose of the text. In order to understand the significance of the loss of the American dream to both texts, one must initially understand the 2 various contexts.

The Catcher in the rye was set in the 1950’s, simply after World War II, when the concepts of a customer society and the American dream were considerably valued. As a time of conservatism, affluence and materialism, society thought that status, power and wealth result in supreme happiness. This is where Salinger explores the corruption of such an idea. Holden believes that all individuals around him are “phoneys” since they surrender their morality to fit in with the conformities of society.

Salinger then presents readers to Holden, telling the story from a mental health insane asylum; a clear outcome of his disobedience versus these mindsets and beliefs. It is through the stream of awareness style of writing, that he also enhances the repression of individuality, produced by a conservative and limited society. Nevertheless, in Igby Decreases, this technique of directing an audience to see things in a particular way is replaced by a voice over.

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