Terror in Animal Farm

Horror in Animal Farm

Fearful, anxious, scared and panic are all words that come to mind when one discusses fear. The word itself suggests an extreme fear and generally describes envisioned or future risks. It can put sickening images in our head and your heart may start to hurry at the idea of the word. Fear is a powerful emotion and makes individuals or animals to act in specific methods, and in a great deal of cases they do things they do not wish to do. We see the ignorant community of animal farm changed through terror as soon as Napoleon enters into power through his vicious dogs.

Snowball was also used to control the animals. Later on after Snowball’s expulsion from animal farm, it was declared that “Snowball was covertly frequenting the farm by night!” It was said that during the night, Snowball walked animal farm causing mischief. For that reason, anything that went wrong in animal farm was since of Snowball. The animals were frightened of this news since they couldn’t sleep at night without thinking that something bad would happen. Squealer utilized fear to convince the animals to work harder.

No animal desired Jones to come back, or else their lives would be even worse than ever, since they saw Jones as a human who would mistreat them. Likewise, in what appeared to be a communist federal government, the pigs began utilizing Jones as a reason to get more food. They declared that they monitored Animal Farm, and secured the animals, and therefore, they required more food. If the pigs did not meet their duty, then Jones would return. Considering that the animals don’t want Jones to come back, they were required to quit some food to the pigs.

It appears that fear is portrayed through Jones, because affecting the animals gives the pigs more power, therefore offering Napoleon more power. When the hardworking Boxer falls ill and requires care, Napoleon sees him as not worth the time and effort, overlooks him as a living breathing being and for that reason sends him to the glue factory. The very concept that Napoleon has the ability to simply bypass just how much Fighter had contributed to the farm and personal respect and feelings portrays horror. Styles such as power and force work hand in hand with horror and fear.

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