Symbolism in Lord of the Flies

Importance in Lord of the Flies

William Golding uses various methods to communicate his ideas on a society without rules in his unique, Lord of the Flies. By using word choice, action and even meaning, Golding is able to provide the common subjects that surround a society without rules, such as the battle for power and the requirement to feel safe within a community. By using these strategies, he is also able to present his opinion that a society without guidelines will become savage and will not be able to endure.

By utilizing symbolism, Golding is presented with the opportunity to explain the fear of being alone and why there is constantly a need for a greater figure of authority to offer security. He is also able to describe the power struggle that comes with this. An example of this is when Ralph and Piggy are left out from Jack’s people. Even though they do not want to follow Jack, they “found themselves eager to occur in this lunatic but partially safe and secure society”. This moment represents the requirement to feel safe within a community, no matter the expense. Another example of importance remains in the way Golding uses the weather.

He explains it to show the action that is currently happening. It is often described as “terrific” and “terrible” to develop a sense of power, which reflects the action of the power struggle between Jack and Ralph. Golding plainly uses symbolism effectively to develop his ideas, while frequently utilizing similes to depict a much deeper meaning with the symbols. William Golding is also able to convey his concepts using sentence structure, as well as similes. He picks strong words, such as “blew up” and “cascaded” when explaining the landscape and conflicts.

Golding presents the weather as something relentless and strong, which is later calm, which associates with the action of the power struggle in between Jack and Ralph. He likewise uses words related to discomfort to develop the fear of being alone, such as when he relates lightening to a “scar”, and the sound to “the blow of a massive whip”, which are both ideal examples of Golding’s usage of similes. By using unique syntax, he is likewise able to relate the calm that is connected to feeling safe within a community. He does this when speaking about acceptance by utilizing long phrases that stream into each other.

This develops a sense of peace and security. Syntax, similes, and even word choice are very important for Golding in Lord of the Flies. The method which Golding provides his action is a key part in comprehending his ideas on a society without rules. During the vital moments of a power battle, he clearly communicates the action which supplies a clearer image for the reader. This allows the reader to infer the importance of power and the important role it plays in determining a society that is lacking in the concepts of what is right.

This also provides the reader with the feelings of fear that accompany the worry of being alone. The chant Golding describes is a perfect example of the action that is communicated in the story. Through the chant “Eliminate the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood! Do him in!” Golding has the ability to provide an image of the wildness and ruthlessness that is discovered in a society without rules. This is necessary due to the fact that it relates back to Golding’s thoughts on how a society will not have the ability to make it through if there are no guidelines because individuals will become savage without the hazard of effects.

Without the action, Lord of the Flies and its significances would not be as specified and the story would lose its impact. By usage of action, word choice, importance, syntax and similes, Golding makes the story easy for the reader to understand and his opinions on a society without rules are seemingly formed. William Golding has used these methods in a manner that enables Lord of the Flies to represent the subjects commonly gone over on a society without rules. Golding plainly presents his ideas and communicates them in a way that pertains to the story by using these abilities.

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