Symbolic examples of absurdism in Metamorphosis by F. Kafka

The first chapter of the Metamorphosis has lots of significant signs that contribute through the rest of the book. The tone of the text is set in the extremely starting and is recurring in the very first chapter. The storyteller’s human lonely life is also described in this section of the text. The idea of absurdism is spread throughout the work as the theme of the book starts to settle.

The tone of Metamorphosis is defined in the start of the book. In the opening line, Gregor discovers that he had actually become a giant pest. Kafka states, “One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into an awful vermin” (Kafka 1). The line describes the unnatural occasion of Gregor changing into a bug in a solemn, pain-free manner. The storyteller explains the situation to be common, rather than an astonishing issue. This produced the sense that the storyteller expects the world to be unreasonable and disorderly, rather than sensible and wise.

Gregor absorbs this absurdist tone from the beginning. When he initially notices his change, he is not completely alarmed by it, Gregor treated it as a normal sleep disruption, as if it wasn’t out of the ordinary. He continues with his absurdist frame of mind as the story continues.

Also in this chapter, Gregor’s human life is explained, along with the alienation towards him from the other characters. Gregor begins to think about his task as a taking a trip salesperson as he lies in bed, unable to stroll. He only continues with this task since of the financial obligation his parents have.

In addition, since he needs to always be taking a trip, Gregor’s relationships he makes throughout his work are just casual and never close. Kafka states, “… he’s been in town for a week now however stayed at home every night. He sits with us in the kitchen area and simply reads the paper or studies train schedules” (Kafka 9). This quote by Gregor’s mother suggests that Gregor already lives his life generally in seclusion. Now, Gregor is not a physical human anymore. In this new skin, he is unable to rise, and his voice is different so he can not even interact with individuals around him. In addition, when the door is opened and the supervisor as well his member of the family see him, they are horrified. These information foreshadow that Gregor’s lack from other individuals’s lives will grow and grow.

In summation, the very first chapter of Metamorphosis is full of symbolic examples of absurdism. The tone of the work is depicted in the start and is set for the remainder of the book. The narrator’s human life is likewise discussed, telling the readers his lonesomeness throughout the story.

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