Summary of The Things They Carried By TIm O’Brien

Summary of The Important Things They Brought By TIm O’Brien

!.?.!? The Things They Carried 2″The Things They Brought “by Tim O’brien Summary/ Response War! Appears like every where we turn anymore you hear a story about war. The story of “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien happens during the Vietnam War. Tim O’Brien told the story, and is writing from very first hand experiences. This story provides you an excellent insight of how soldiers think throughout such hard times. Throughout this story you’ll see how love can affect a person’s judgment even during a war. In this story Tim O’Brien and his army would March town to town through Vietnam.

In these towns they would kill and destroy everything they stumbled upon. They would burn everything and even kill the animals like chickens and pet dogs. Every day appeared the very same besides the reality that they would lose a soldier here and there due to cross fire. Throughout the story each soldier has their own individual method of making it through each day. For example, “First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross brought letters from a woman called Martha, junior at Mount Sebastian College in New Jersey”. Other soldiers would bring things like rabbit feet, dope, condoms, and searching hatches.

These things assisted them through every day. Tim O’Brien discusses a little about each soldier in his platoon and how every one responded to scenarios in the war. The primary focus is on Lieutenant Jimmy Cross, and his battle to stay concentrated on the war and not on his love for Martha. In one instance Lieutenant Jimmy Cross had felt pity due to the fact that as estimated, “He had loved Martha more than his men and as an effect Things They Brought 3 Lavender was now dead”. Lavender was a soldier in the platoon. As you can see Lieutenant Jimmy Cross was carrying Lavenders death on his shoulders.

Throughout this story Tim O’Brien describes how Jimmy Cross battles with his love for Martha and leading his soldiers through Vietnam. In reaction to this story, I discovered it interesting how even during war how love can affect an individual’s judgment. I’m referring to Lieutenant Jimmy Cross’s love for Martha. I began to believe how I would react in such a scenario, and recognized I would not be thinking about love when my life or among my fellow soldiers lives remained in risk. I was thankful in the end when Lieutenant Jimmy Cross lastly recognized he was not going to concentrate on Martha any longer and finally lead his troops properly.

The method Tim O’Brien breaks down just how much weight they each are carrying is interesting to me. In the story Tim O’Brien states, “With quilted liner, the poncho weighed almost two pounds, however it deserved every ounce”. I understand if I was at war and needed to carry a great deal of devices I would understand precisely how much whatever weighed as well. The overall story was an excellent reading and kept my attention. I would absolutely suggest it to others to check out. This story relates to me in one particular method. The way Lieutenant Jimmy Cross was distracted by his feelings for a girl over the war.

For me the interruptions would occur while I’m working, and it can wander your ideas extremely quickly. That might be why I found this story so fascinating. The Things They Brought 4 I have actually summed up and described my action to “The important things They Brought” by Tim O’Brien. I hope if you read this story you see how love can affect a person’s judgment even during a war. Likewise, I hope you see how soldiers act throughout war and their responses to certain circumstances. Referrals O’Brien, T. The Important Things They Carried. 1990. Faith and Doubt. (pp1172-1184)

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