Should Of Mice and Men Be Banned

Should Of Mice and Male Be Banned

The book Of Mice and Male by John Steinbeck happens along the Salinas River in California during the anxiety. In the book 2 men, George and Lennie, go from cattle ranch to cattle ranch to find work. Lennie is psychologically retarded, and George takes care of him. Lennie constantly gets himself into problem, and ends up mistakenly killing a lady since he was scared.

George takes matters into his own hands and kills Lennie before the other men can punish him cruelly. This book has actually been prohibited since of blasphemy, the loose use of the word “nigger,” and the treatment of the mentally retarded. It likewise has some violence. Although this book does have some bad parts, it is still a very good book and it should not be banned.

The very first factor individuals believe the book needs to be prohibited is the overall regard of life the book does not appear to have. People are eliminated ruthlessly, or so some individuals think. This is not real! Lennie does eliminate a lady, however he had no intention of doing so. He simply was scared and didn’t understand what was happening. George then eliminated Lennie back, but only to keep the other men from cruelly penalizing him. These were not ruthless killings.

Another reason individuals feel the book should be banned is due to the fact that they believe the mentally retarded are made fun of. This is not what Steinbeck had actually planned. He was utilizing them in such a way that they truly are. The psychologically retarded are part of our society and should not be dealt with any differently than anybody else.

Normal individuals are made fun of just as much, which is just that, making fun, not abusing them. The book simply would not make sense if a smart man could kill someone and not understand that he did it.

The third reason that individuals feel the book ought to be prohibited is the way minorities are treated. The word n * gger is used quite a bit, however this is the method it was during the time. Not everyone was treated similarly so Steinbeck wrote a real description by this. He wasn’t attempting to be a racist or show that he was not; he was simply specifying it how it was.

Lastly, making use of profanity in the book is probably the most significant reason why individuals think Of Mice and Male should be prohibited. Steinbeck utilized the profanity in a manner that would represent what would truly occur. For example, calling Lennie a dummy does not offer the same result as calling him a “dumb bastard.” He was trying to paint a clear image.

The book Of Mice and Guy has a few degrading things, however none are worthy adequate to ban the book. This is an excellent book that tells the story how it is, not how some people think it needs to be. This book ought to not be banned. Case closed.

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