“Sequel” to Fahrenheit 451

“Follow up” to Fahrenheit 451

Burning Bright, Burning Right It was that time of day when the afternoon barely handed out to the wonderful marvels of the night. The birds had actually stopped chirping and the numerous animals that stirred in the ruins of the city, those that discovered it habitable, had actually pulled back to their underground houses. It had actually been a decade, a life time given that the city had been decreased to rubble. The radiation still lingered in the air. It added a new taste, similar to the taste of an orange or a lemon. The crater from the bomb had actually been filled with rainwater to form a lagoon.

The river’s natural present carried away the radioactive debris to the forest where, undoubtedly, the creatures of the forest would consume the polluted water. There had actually been a periodic drizzle once in a while soaking most of the wood in the location. Montag had handled however. He had actually come ready. It took him 3 complete hours to construct the raft and funeral service pyre in which Faber’s body now rested on. He looked at the horizon just in time to capture the long lasting rays of the sun fade to the night and started. “Faber, my dear pal; it has been some time given that we talked. Almost 3 months.

I heard that you were shooting propaganda someplace by the Eastern Battle; most likely condemning the not worthy fools that combated against us. Remember when we first fulfilled? You called yourself a coward for not standing up to stop the insanity when it was beginning. I constantly discovered it ironic that you would become the sign of rebirth, that you would be dubbed the phoenix. A coward really, however that was not my choice to make,” he stopped and breathed. “You were my coach. When I was blind to the understanding of books, you educated me; you revealed me what I was missing out on.

You were whatever I might ever request. Granger was there for me, but you were there for me to the, I suggest your, bitter end. I can keep in mind when you were approached about the face of the phoenix. That bright day in St. Louis. “Faber, tell me what took place the other day? I thought all was going well with your pal. He had actually printed books for us prior to …” Montag stopped. “Why will not he do it now?” “I’m afraid that he is no longer on our side of the fight,” Faber stated. “Not on our side of the battle? That’s absurd! One does not just merely stop being a rescuer,” Montag said. Well he isn’t credible any longer. He had tricked us. Pulled the wool over our eyes. We were just seeing what we wished to see.” It was at that minute that Montag observed the male standing in the corner of the room. He had his face turned away from us, but it was apparent he was listening to them. “You there, who are you?” “Nobody. I heard that the almighty Guy Montag and the smart Faber remained in town, I merely could not resist the chance of fulfilling them,” said the odd man. Montag took a good take a look at him. He was well dressed. He was extremely well dressed.

It was obvious that he knew who we were and it was likewise obvious that he was there for a factor. His fingernails were clean; an indicator that he was no fighter. Either he was a great ally to have, or a powerful opponent to dispose of. When he noticed Montag taking a look at him he offered a wry smile. He decided it was best to stomp through the bush. “Why are you here and what do you want? And this time do not be shy to inform us your real name.” Montag asked. “My oh my, the rumors about you hold true. You see Mr. Montag I wish to assist you. You could say that I have pals in high places, locations that can help you.

While you have been fighting your wars calmly, and rather immaturely, a few of us,” he paused, “have been thinking of the bigger image,” he stopped as he satisfied Montag’s cool however fatal gaze. “What are you suggesting?” “Absolutely nothing at all. Simply a deal to, how do I put this? Just an offer to assist move things along. We want to take the war public,” the male stated. Montag raised his eyebrows up until they almost became part of his receding hairline. “I do not know what rock you have been living under but it is apparent that you have lived a very glamorous life up previously.

The war was thrown out of the shadows 3 years earlier.” “I know that,” the man replied, “however there was never ever a factor.” “What?” Montag stated. “For the previous 3 years we have actually been fighting a war about absolutely nothing. Some say it has to do with money. Others? They say the world is starving. It’s a blind guy’s video game. You may be considering what I believe. I think that the world is starving. It’s starving for understanding, for books. Some of us believe it is time to throw it out in the open to light the flames under the fire. To toss something out in the open, we need a face.

Somebody that will inspire and mock every policy and guideline that the federal government symbolizes. We need a phoenix.” “I’m not interested,” Montag replied. “I was expecting that,” he answered, “That’s why I wasn’t going to ask you.” He relied on Faber and stated, “We need a face but we think Montag has excessive luggage connected to it. It may terrify some, to see a dead man come to life. You on the other hand are a somebody that ended up being a nobody. Your wounds have healed, have they not? Why not find the strength to rise from the ashes? Faber, why won’t you join me?” Montag stood stunned in silence.

He had actually been turned down. Faber was sitting there looking at his damn, shaking hands. He had actually been offered to be the face of a rebellion, to lead a revolution; yet he sat there, solemn as a statue. Finally he spoke: “I am not a phoenix. I, at the absolute best, can be compared to a modest field mouse. I was a coward when everything began. I viewed books burn in front of me but not did anything of it since I was too afraid to alter anything. I decrease your offer.” “I was likewise anticipating that.” A sudden flash of emotion passed through his eyes, like a fox that understood his prey would be his. I have not even introduced myself yet. Here I am, attempting to convince you to begin a transformation with me, yet you do not even know my name. My name is Hubert Hoag.” He looked absolutely nothing like the guy Montag had seen on the parlor walls. Albeit he was short like him, but he should have slimmed down. A fast glance at Faber revealed that he wasn’t the least bit surprised. “Faber I know that you stopped working when it began. I also know that you aren’t exactly the bravest but this is your chance at redemption. You can finally fix the mistakes you made when it was all beginning,” Hubert stated.

Montag was back in the forest with Granger. He remembered what he had actually stated. That it was the right kind of errors to be where they are now. Montag opened his mouth to demonstration but was disrupted by Faber. “I’ll do it,” Faber said in a sharp whisper. “I’ll do it,” he stated with more self-confidence. I’ll start a disobedience.” Hoag provided a smile like he knew that the stars would align for him. He stood up and said, “Excellent. I’ll be in contact with you quickly.” We didn’t see Hoag for 3 months. When we were contacted; things altered. Things altered quick. Faber was quickly an international icon.

He looked more youthful and radiated power. Hoag and his pals dressed him in the image of the revolution and quickly there were advertisements and posters everywhere. That was then. Now things had actually changed. Montag was back in the ashes of the city. The scurrying of numerous animals in the bones of the dead restored his fond memories of Faber. The sun was no place to be seen. It lagged the mountains, concealing, like Faber. He relied on the one animate body of Faber. “How does it feel Faber? To begin a transformation. When they look back in history, whether we won the war, you will be remembered.

But your arrogance got the very best of you. You were no modest field mouse. You took a look at yourself as the new phoenix. You had actually increased from the ashes of the old and were all set to assist humanity to this brand-new age. Spending time with Hoag got the best of you. Quickly you were believing like them. You words were weak and empty. You became the image that you were trying to eliminate. You became an issue,” Montag said. He took a look around. It was around midnight. Not even the moon showered him with its pale glowing light. He lit a match. A match that he had actually utilized such a long time ago to burn others, to burn his issues.

And after that he was elsewhere, thinking about how a decade ago he had the exact same issue with another. The wise words of Beatty rang in his head: “Don’t deal with an issue, burn it” “Beatty, I have actually done simply that.” He searched to see the body of Faber raiding the funeral pyre in such a way that it would collapse into a gorgeous red flower once the match had actually swallowed up the small raft. He thought of the phoenix. “Faber, you were to be the phoenix. The rebirth of man increasing from the ashes. You were a failure. Maybe all we need to do is burn the ashes one more time. “

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